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A Tea Party Memorial Day 2010 Prayer Of Remembrance & Thanks By Reverend Barbara Sexton

courtesy Jim Sutton
courtesy Jim Sutton


Dear Ones Healing Ministry
Dear Lord:

We come before you as your humble servants...full of gratitude and awe that you have made us a fine nation. And what we pray for is that all of us here come to realize that very thing.

We pray that as a nation we are able to grasp the depth and breadth of the sacrifices made so that those who grouse and grumble unceasingly learn to appreciate that they can do so freely and safely in this land precisely because of those sacrifices of others.

We pray that the nay-sayers, the anti-patriots and those--the 'un'-American's privileged to live in the United States of America-- learn to acknowledge and respect what they have, where they have it and why they have it. As a peoples, we are born of either Native American's here originally from whom much has been taken or we belong to a group who has emigrated here. Even so, we have managed to 'come to an accord' agreeing that we are simply 'Americans' this grand endeavor together. We ask you, Lord, that we serve as an example to the 'nay-sayers' and be a healing presence.

We pray that all who disparage and disrespect the U.S. military never find themselves in a situation where they have to 'depend' exactly upon the U.S. military they so revile...But if it is your Will that this be the case, let it be as a clear example of your unending Forgiveness and Love working through the United States Armed Forces and we who support them.

We believe we are 'One Nation Under God', which too many deny time after time. And so we ask that you let our good works 'as a Nation' be a true reflection and proof of your Goodness, Father God. May even those who deny your very existence be so overwhelmed by the Compassion and Mercy in this great country of ours that they be healed of their 'disbelief'.

All judgment and punishment are yours, Lord, but we have a request that you multiply the blessings and benevolences of those who gave their all--their very lives--for the United States Of America. May the world see that you are truly the Lord and Master of The United States of America, which no man or woman may deny.

God, your enemies are our enemies. Yet you tell us that 'the battle is not ours, but yours'.* With that kind of assurance and along with our great warriors, what do we have to fear?

Thank you, Lord.

We know that you bless the United States Armed Forces and our allies. We know that you love them all, in all our colorful diversity, cultures, traditions and differences, united together as citizens of the U.S.A.

May you bless our warriors this Memorial Day that they be not afraid and that they know fully the extent of the gratitude and awe we have for them all, in this life and the next. We pray that you heal those who are maimed and injured discharging their duties to protect and preserve our country.

Thank you, Lord.

We pray these things in the Judeo-Christian tradition of the founders of our country, in the Name of our Messiah, as we await the ushering in of the Holy City, the new Jerusalem. We call you God or Creator or Great Spirit and you answer. We pray in remembrance of those we call 'prophets', 'ancestors' and 'saints' and receive great blessings. You hear our prayers, Great Father and that is all we need to know to be secure in our country.

We appreciate that you appreciate us, our Lord and our Protector, on this Memorial Day.


Reverend Barbara Sexton


* The Spirit of the Lord speaking to those who live in Judah and Jerusalem:
"Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's." 2Chronicles 20:15 (NIV)

All the relevant passages: 2Chronicles 20:1-37 LINK:

"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"


Please join us with us today as we strive to heal our fine country through the grace of God and the hard work of our Tea Party Patriots. LOOK UP YOUR STATE HERE:

Friday, May 28, 2010

'Stuck on Stupid, They Think We Are, When It Comes To This Oil Spill' By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Oil washes ashore at Grand Isle Louisiana UPI Photo
Soaked in oil, a seabird lies dead in the surf on Elmer's Island, Louisiana, May 21, 2010. Oil began washing up on the beaches and marshes of Southern Louisiana after the explosion of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig a month ago. UPI/A.J. Sisco
     Is this a picture of a 'Phoenix' for us?  No.  I think that God is giving us message which is loud and clear.  Already I hear our President obfuscating about this issue and already he is pumping out 'the Green Initiative'.  Again we are being regaled with his lofty and empty rhetoric as to 'how this oil spill definitively points to 'evils' of petroleum fuels.  Of course Obama says this; it's his bread and butter.  And of course it's "Obama's Katrina".  It'll be "Obama's Katrina x 14.078 Trillion (that number is the estimated national debt for 2010 in case you haven't been paying attention).  Just watch.
     The other day, I watched a child prodigy explain why she'd 'switched her high school science project from solar to something else'.  She explained that where she lived, it was 'cloudy all the time and she couldn't get her projects to work well'.  Surprise, surprise.  Kids today are smart.
     All I ask is why we can't be like the French who currently get 75% plus of their electricity from Nuclear Energy.
      Nuclear Power is 'here', it's powerful, it's clean and it's safe when used properly by those who are not ignorant about it's use.  But plugging nuclear power here would be as insensitive as what the 'Greenies' are doing. 
     Personally, I think solar energy is dead in the water before it will ever take off.  Why?  Between natural disasters (volcanic eruptions/ash cloud accumulations, lightning-induced fires, etc) and man-made ones (oil spills which ignite either at the hands of humans or nature)...And with the use of coal in China and elsewhere polluting the dickens out of our atmosphere...We don't have a snowball's chance in the Sahara of having 'clear enough skies' to satisfy the 'Greenies' lust for solar technology.   In simple terms: we won't have enough sunlight to make solar energy very useful.
     Poor Al Gore and his posse.  Not only is his 'global warming agenda' now totally debunked as 'junk science', but his financial investments are now also at risk, given what we now know about the state of affairs of earth's atmosphere and ionosphere.  (Stay tuned for a piece on the latter which will prove to you once and for all what dolts we are for fouling our own nest with  'HAARP' for those of you who are up to yet another technical treatise at
     And poor Al Gore as he gets 'outted' for the fuel-guzzling jet-setting 'lifestyle' he consistently maintains.  It can't be easy for the man to be such a hypocrite.  You'd think that a guy who's smart enough to invent the Internet would be able to put '2 and 2 together' for himself, but not Al Gore.  He belongs to that dying generation who thinks that we people are 'just too dumb' to see what he is doing.  He also thinks that we noodnicks won't speak out.  He thinks 'we're just stuck on stupid'.  But we're going to fool him, because we're not.
     But there's a new paradigm for 2010 now.  For me personally, I'm the little 'phoenix' myself rising up out of the ashes of political disinterest up to a vital interest and activity in the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.  I must say it feels really good to be 'liberated' not just from the anti-white,  heterophobic, anti-American, anti-Israeli politics of my former church, the UCC (better known as the Obama/Wright church)...But it is also feels great to be able to 'do something' other than sit on the sidelines and wring my hands (not that I'm the type to wring my hands, actually, but you get the idea).  Now I understand why the progressive-lib culture I've been immersed in is so damn political--it's LIBERATING and EMPOWERING, is why and  I think I LOVE it!
     Still, no matter how hard I try, I still honor my root sensitivities.  I watch things like this below and I weep for all involved.  I'm not self-centered enough to promote my own political agenda at the cost of those who suffer.  It's not time for me to 'push a nuclear agenda'.  It's not time for the 'Greenies' to push their phoney 'global warming' agendas and it's not time to peddle the solar panel business sector.  It's time to get busy and band together and help with this oil spill.  It's time to act like sentient human beings and understand and be empathetic to the harm and grief being done to those in the Gulf area--to humans, animals and ecosystems, alike.
     Watch this below.  If you don't feel this man's pain, you're just...well, you are just what you are.
I pray God has mercy on us all.
Reverend Barbara Sexton


ASPCA SAYS USDA Fails to Protect Puppy Mill Dogs Posted By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

ASPCA: USDA Fails to Protect Puppy Mill Dogs

Earlier this week, the Office of the Inspector General released a report detailing the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) lax and ineffective enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) against licensed large-scale dog breeders and brokers known as puppy mills. As part of the investigation, auditors visited 81 facilities and reviewed records documenting 28,443 violations over a two-year period.

The report concludes that despite regular inspections, breeders were allowed to continue operating facilities where dogs lived in inhumane conditions—cages overflowing with pools of urine and feces, food laden with dead cockroaches, and dogs infested with ticks and unattended injuries including a mutilated leg and other atrocities—all without penalty. Furthermore, in cases of severe neglect and abuse, inspectors failed to confiscate the animals. At one Oklahoma mill, despite discovering five dead dogs and others who had resorted to cannibalism due to starvation, investigators took no action. This resulted in the deaths of 22 more dogs. The ASPCA is saddened by the findings, but we are not surprised.

The ASPCA has been painfully aware of the cruel conditions to which dogs are regularly subjected at the hands of puppy mill operators who put profit above providing the most basic standards of care. “Puppy mills are a primary focus of the ASPCA’s anti-cruelty initiatives,” says Cori Menkin, ASPCA Senior Director of Legislative Initiatives. “The ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Team has rescued countless dogs from puppy mills and aided in the prosecution of their owners.” This past February, the ASPCA rescued more than 95 severely underweight dogs from a puppy mill in Holly Springs, MS—the animals were being housed in feces-encrusted pens and suffering from severe neglect.

In addition to our nationwide investigations, the ASPCA supports landmark legislation, including the Missouri Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. “This is a groundbreaking citizens’ initiative aimed at drastically improving the lives of dogs in Missouri kennels,” explains Menkin. With an estimated 3,000 puppy mills in the state, Missouri has rightly come to be known as the Puppy Mill Capital of America.

“While the ASPCA commends the Office of the Inspector General for its detailed audit, we hope the findings will lead to stronger, more consistent enforcement by the USDA, more federal funding to increase the number of inspectors enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, and ultimately, more humane conditions for the dogs,” says Menkin.
For more information about this cruel industry, visit the ASPCA’s Puppy Mill section.
Dear Ones:
     When you buy 'puppy mill dogs' from stores and breeders, you are guaranteeing the suffering of your puppy's siblings and parents, especially the 'brood mare mother'.  DON'T PATRONIZE THOSE WHO SELL/SPONSOR/RUN Puppy Mills!
     Please, the lives of God's sentient creatures depend so much upon 'us'.  While we sit by helplessly watching the devastation of the oil spill kill many animals, at least we can be 'proactive' in this regard.
     Donate to the ASPCA  today and 'be hands-on' with saving animals.  Do NOT solely depending upon others to do the 'right thing' when YOU have the opportunity to do so!  Poor animals who are suffering hardly ever get a 'first chance' of being saved from an abuser, let alone a second chance!
God Bless you as you help with the littlest among us,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

FCC Stamford 'Goddess Prayers' A Commentary By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

courtesy Jim Sutton
Dear Ones:
     I am not going to pretend that alterations to 'The Lord's Prayer' and to Christian prayers in general don't get my attention.  They have for a time at The First Congregational Church of Stamford and I say this as a 'relatively liberated Christian female pastor' who is still a member of FCC Stamford....on paper at least.
     But recently, some major happenings  (I'm not one for the use of the terms 'abominations') have come to my attention.  There's been a lot of prayin' to the MOTHER GODDESS!  Apparently Reverend Cari Jackson and her minions like this kind of thing.
     The only reason I bring this to your attention is because this praying has been done in "The Pilgrim Church, The Church That Founded Stamford" and they use kids to further their theology!      
Open and Affirming=Gay Marriage, no matter what they tell ya!
     This church is now 'run' by  The Reverend Doctor Cari Jackson, about whom I've written before.  The FCC Stamford is a UCC (United Church of Christ) church and is also known as 'the Obama/Wright' church, for those of you who are interested.  CHECK THIS OUT:
May 9, 2010
10:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary
*All who are able, please stand.
CALL TO WORSHIP Sam Jelliffe (child)
Leader: The God whose name is Mother invites us home. Therefore, we gather for this holy time of worship.     I'm not asking that The First Congregational Church of Stamford stop praying a certain way, or that they start or stop 'doing things'...but I am saying that it would be a lot more genuine to call yourselves what(ever) you are at this point!...that's all.  Just be honest with the people.
All: We gather in this place of prayer to celebrate the love of God, our Mother, and to feel the warm embrace of God. We gather as one human family.
Leader: We gather seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to become more fully the people and the community our Mother God created us to be.

All: As we worship, let us be filled by the love and life and be renewed by the hope and home that fills this place of prayer made holy by God’s presence.
    Change is good!  And as long as I am on your member list and tithe and donate my dollars, I expect, at the very least, your honesty.
     Thanks!   Truth is good for the soul.  You are providing the good people of Stamford and of the world with a good education.  You are the Church of Thyatira, as mentioned in the last Book of the New Testament in Revelation:
To the Church in Thyatira

18"To the angel of the church in Thyatira write:
These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. 19I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first. 20Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. 21I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. 22So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. 23I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. 24Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan's so-called deep secrets (I will not impose any other burden on you): 25Only hold on to what you have until I come. 26To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations—
27'He will rule them with an iron scepter;
he will dash them to pieces like pottery'[b]— just as I have received authority from my Father. 28I will also give him the morning star. 29He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
Revelation 2:18-29    (NIV)
    God  Bless you.  I hope all my 'talk' here isn't 'too religious for you'.  But you are helping to usher in the Day that our Lord returns and for that I am eternally grateful.  From your 'church sister', I speak to you--
With Love in Christ,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

FCC Stamford's Reverend Cari Jackson: Is This The Cuba Pentecostal Activist Pastor Carrietta Jackson Agitating With Castro's Daughter Or A Case Of Mistaken Identity? By Reverend Barbara Sexton

Goddess Pictures Goddess Graphics Shakti Goddes Animated Gif
FROM: Union Theological Spring 2009 News
Carrietta Jackson, M.Div.’00, has been called by the congregation of First
Congregational Church of Stamford,
Conn., to become their next senior pastor.
On June 11, 2009, Jackson will
become the 25th pastor of this historic
church, which was formed in 1635 and
has now made a bold and important step
in naming their first woman, first black,
and first openly gay pastor. Jackson has
served for the past two years as interim
pastor for First Presbyterian Church of
Search ResultsReligión en Revolución - [ Translate this page ]
En Cuba y en Revolución; una aproximación para comprender de una forma lo más ...... la pastora neo pentecostal afro estadounidense Carrietta Jackson---, ... - Cached - SimilarCuba. ¿Un nuevo dios es posible? ¿Una nueva iglesia es posible ... - [ Translate this page ]
23 May 2010 ... Sorprendidos los asistentes al Pabellón Cuba, situado en la céntrica .... la pastora neopentecostal afroestadounidense Carrietta Jackson—, ...¿un-nuevo-dios-es-posible-¿una-nueva-iglesia-es-posible/ - CachedCuba: Voces religiosas por la aceptación de la diversidad sexual - [ Translate this page ]
Cuba: Voces religiosas por la aceptación de la diversidad sexual · PDF · E-mail ... la mesa fue la pastora pentecostal afroestadounidense Carrietta Jackson, ...
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Search ResultsAndré S. Musskopf - [ Translate this page ]
15 May 2010 ... entre quienes se encontraban en primera fila Mariela Castro Espín, ... de la pastora pentecostal afroestadounidense Carrietta Jackson, ... - Cached - SimilarRicardo Alarcón - Actualidad - [ Translate this page ]
20 May 2010 ... Mariela Castro Espín, directora del Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual ... de la pastora pentecostal afroestadounidense Carrietta Jackson,. ...ón - Cached - SimilarCuba: Voces religiosas por la aceptación de la diversidad sexual - [ Translate this page ]
... presidente del parlamento cubano; Mariela Castro, directora del Centro ... de la mesa fue la pastora pentecostal afroestadounidense Carrietta Jackson, ... - CachedVoces - Sexo, religión y diversidad en Jornada Cubana contra la ... - [ Translate this page ]
... ante aproximadamente un centenar de personas, entre ellas Mariela Castro Espín, ... afroestadounidense Carrietta Jackson, de la Iglesia Unida de Cristo. ...


Carrietta Jackson: UCC Neo-Pentecostal Pastor, Cult in Cuba Cracks Me Up By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

 "And as Peter Bishop (Brazilian) Pedro de Casaldaliga, to change the world we also need to change God."
Ativity em Cuba 2

Cuba: Religious Voices for the acceptance of sexual diversity
Written by Sara More
Havana. May 15 (SEMlac) .- Representatives of various religious communities advocated in the country, from their point of view, the acceptance of sexual diversity in Cuban society and its spaces of faith, and against fundamentalist arguments within some churches, condemn non-heterosexual identities.
"The issue of sexuality is still very troubled and absent in everyday spaces, such as worship, Mass, meditation or training curricula of the community, and catechesis," said Gonzalez Yoimel, layman of the Presbyterian Church for a panel on sexual diversity and perspectives of religion, held on 14 May at the headquarters of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).
The young man added that most of the time, those who speak for the communities are not themselves, but hierarchies of church groups, and generally the issue of diversity ends demonized or absent.
"There are few opportunities to hear the voices of the community itself," he told the meeting that was attended by Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban Parliament, Mariela Castro, director of the National Sex Education Centre (CENESEX) pastors Sergio Arce, Presbyterian, and Raul Suarez, a Baptist, among others.
According to Gonzalez, the mission and program of the churches, in many cases, the real needs of communities and generally is imposed from the authorities in power, "over this issue, which is a taboo and very conflictual" said.
He acknowledged, however, that sexual diversity before the position is never monolithic, "although the most publicized are the letters of protest from some of the directives of several churches in Cuba, who oppose the inclusion of sexual diversity."
In this scenario, described several positions, including those not question the sexual diversity as a sin, but feel it as a stumbling block in the functioning of the churches.
"From that position is still homophobic exclusive and allows for the presence of homosexual and other variations in communities, but are denied the opportunity to hold positions in the different levels at which the church is organized," he added.
Also weighing on silence, and with it the inability to develop an open dialogue and rich on the subject, at the same time there are mature communities spiritually, ethically, respecting diversity and promote inclusion with a vision of liberation.
"As believers, we must support these public spaces for discussion and action from the work of training, academic and community, respect for diversity and God's creation," he said.
Another of the speakers at the table was the African-American Pentecostal pastor Carrietta Jackson of the United Church of Christ, who gave a moving account, ment very optimistic, of course she herself had to go to face the incomprehension of society and church to their homosexual orientation.
For his part, Pastor Ofelia Ortega, president for Latin America of the World Council of Churches, called for the need to promote dialogue among Christian churches and other religions that include these items.
Meanwhile, Brazilian Lutheran theologian and gay Musskopf Andre told about the theology of sexual diversity in Latin America and the still small group work of people who are developing, with many difficulties against, by force of homophobia.
Coderh According to Gabriel, a Catholic layman and coordinator of the Group of Reflection and Solidarity Oscar Arnulfo Romero, the subject, seen from the universal Catholic Church has a historical base from a hegemonic culture, Christian patriarchal and sexist.
"The Church, in this case, sees sexuality as sin, condemned the pleasure and only supports reproductive character," he said. "You have to deconstruct the hegemonic culture and go to the sources of the Bible to reflect from there and understand what has been the manipulation of texts by some exegetes."
In several areas open for discussion during the day, other voices argued for a new church, including from the pastoral vision of emancipated women and acceptance of sexual diversity.
During the afternoon of Saturday was held at the Pabellon Cuba, a central cultural facility in the Cuban capital, an ecumenical celebration organized by the Centro Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Student Christian Movement, the Group of Reflection and Solidarity Oscar Arnulfo Romero, the Evangelical Seminary of Matanzas and the Gender Institute.
At the ceremony, people took part in the most diverse backgrounds and religions, including the public who attended the celebrations and activities of the day, leaders and representatives of the Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran and secular, among others.
Posted by André S. Musskopf
Ativity em Cuba

Cuba. A new god is possible? A new church is possible?
By María Ileana Faguaga Iglesias and Enrique Lopez Oliva
Cuban Day Against Homophobia, had an unusual point this Saturday, May 15, with a surprise, makeshift ecumenical worship, developed under a small tent, where a moment ago urged the use of condoms to prevent the VH-AIDS. During the service a small group of pastors and pastors from various Christian denominations and countries, including the United States prayed for a new church, inclusive, that does not discriminate against anyone for their sexual orientation.
Surprised Pavilion attendees Cuba, located in the central Vedado Ramp to participate in the Day by Day Against Homophobia, religious men and women heard singing the song of the Argentinean Fito Paez, "I come to offer my heart." Mostly these were lesbian couples --- much more visible this year than in the two previous events ---, gays, transsexuals, but not missing unprejudiced heterosexual or curious tourists.
"Who said that everything is lost / I come to offer my heart was so much blood that the river / I come to offer my heart ..." There was a large choir to which were added voices.
"In the beginning God created the world, created a house for us to live each and all, and the house was inhabited by plants, was inhabited by animals, humans. And the plants were of different sizes, shapes, scents and colors, water and land, were also different, and human being who lived in the house, the house that is all and all had different ways and means to feel different , ways to rejoice, to laugh to enjoy a whole science of colors, shapes, appearances, a science of diversity, celebration of the colorful ... "theological meditation begin the Cuban Quaker Kirenia Criado, Reflection Team Theological Center Memorial "Martin Luther King Jr.".
"This room of the house inhabited, encourages us to meet this afternoon. Meeting is seeing eye to eye, is touching, hugging, meeting. Because I recognize you and acknowledge you in me .... "
The Reformed Presbyterian pastor Dorita Arce recalled the insistence in the Bible of the admonition to love, which "rejoices with the truth." This is the love we want, when we want at this time to summon all those present. "
Some drank rum, others ate pizza, Some laughed while others looked meditative or simply expectation. Even more than a few rattled, making it difficult to hear. Most of them wore sportswear shirts with images of popular artists, there were many necklaces and earrings, many wore sandals. They took photos together. Many did not understand what was happening there.
It was the first time there was made a culto.religioso groups were improvised, greeted friends and acquaintances, "What is happening here?" Was common question. Interested and curious made a compact group of pastors around and sang along to the strains of an electric organ ... a choir is not always in tune, but sense and spontaneous. Eyes were watery.
"Today God calls us to a new moment / To walk together with his people / It's time to transform that is no more / And none alone and isolated is capable ..."
Suárez Raquel Pastor, Church Ebenezer Baptist Fellowship of Cuba, said: "Today God is pleased. How many say amen (so be it)? God is happy because we are here for women and men varied and diverse, each of us is with its many features, which makes up the unique identity and blessed everyone. Each of us is a human privilege. Privileged existence that God has given us, as she, that ... "
The Baptist Amos Lee insisted on "faith and hope that the world can be otherwise." On several occasions, called for silence in order to advance the cult. "Spirit of life, god and goddesses of all and all, I call on this place," said another officiant.
"Each of us, we, also carries prejudice, discrimination and fear," said the Chilean-Cuban psychologist Mario Flores, who served as conductor. Colorful masks were given paper to show that they not only cover but also discovered, and these were invited to a brainstorming exercise, meeting. "The mask, said the psychologist, is like a mirror, which brings us closer to our inner world, to that area of discrimination, and as any area of discrimination is an area of fear: fear of difference, to meet , fear of ourselves. "
"Look at us, to realize that we are also people who discriminate", urged other officiant. "Lift up the masks and entreguémoslas to God, asking him away from our lives that which separates us."
Brazilian Lutheran theologian Andre gay Musskopf asked to "God and the Goddess of life, which is always with us and us, and with that we go. Also today and all went through difficult moments, where we discriminate, we do not prevail where the life, to be with each one of us and to help us and make us human beings better. Us what was the intention to create humanity and all that is on earth. And I assure you that God or the Goddess of life, forgives us, accepts us and is with us and we always and in every moment throughout our lives. "
With quotations from the Old and New Testaments, including texts from the prophet Isaiah, the Gospel of John (chapter 13. 31 1l 35) and a letter from the apostle Paul to the Galatians, that part was structured liturgy.
"Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and the homeless poor into your house when you see the naked, cover him, and not hide yourself from your brother?" (Isaiah 58.6)
"" A new commandment I give today, that ye love one another as I have loved you, that ye also love one another "(John, 13. 34)
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Paul, Galatians, 3.28)
The Rev. Raúl Suárez Ramos, one of the founders of the Fellowship Baptist Cuba, and the Memorial Center "Martin Luther
King Jr", deputy to the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba, said in his homily:
"Here in this evening, this place is no longer the Pavilion Cuba, for a moment, to turn itself into the house of God, which is home to men and women who wish to have an identity or have an identity, which are made present in our society, without fear or masks, but also that whatever identity and their presence in society, ie our people, requires a compromise, and the result together with an undertaking to place identity, presence and commitment, in what is said and done .... "
The Baptist pastor and theologian Luis Carlos Marrero, theological Coordinator of the Group of Reflection and Solidarity Oscar Arnulfo Romero ", invited all those present (pastors --- among them, the African-American neo-Pentecostal pastor ---Carrietta Jackson, pastors, deacons and diaconizas,) "to break bread and honey, fruits of the earth", and emphatically said: "Today we decided to leave our temples, our pigeonholed. Today we decided to also shed our skins like you. And as Peter Bishop (Brazilian) Pedro de Casaldaliga, to change the world we also need to change God. Sean welcome everyone to the table. Come "invited.
Raquel Suarez, pastor of Ebenezer Church, in the Havana municipality of Marianao popular, offered the blessing to all. "For everyone here is the blessing of God," said
It was a very special and meaningful, when many came to take communion in pairs, sometimes we just saw, it was just the person beside him or someone who approached him, and with whom he exchanged the bread with honey , placing each in the other's mouth, but not all did.
It was a Mass that broke traditional liturgical patterns, which upset some traditional believers (theologically conservative) did not participate in any activity Catholic clergy, nor was invited to co-officiate any representative of the Cuban religions of African origin, although they were present there , observing the scene, practitioners of these religions, whom some approached to ask for "Ache" (life force, similar to the grace of God).
The final blessing of God offered the veteran pastor and theologian renovated Sergio Arce Martínez: "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all brothers" and that "the love of God our Father, Creator of all the diversity that we see in nature and defend in society, together with the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us in diversity, is in all of you present here, and all human beings, which are known significant part of the diversity of the Father has created, "he said. + (PE)
Posted by André S. Musskopf

Greenwich/Stamford TEA PARTY PATRIOTS EVENTS Wed May 26-Tues June 1 Posted By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

'Gadsden Flag"
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THIS MONDAY, MAY 31st is MEMORIAL DAY. Please take the time to gather together as Americans and remember the heroes that have fought and those that fight today to keep our homeland safe. America is a place of prosperity that we must never let down.

THERE WILL BE NO MEETING, May 31st. Our next scheduled meeting is on Monday, June 6th at the SBC Restaurant and Brewery, 131 Summer Street in Stamford, 7-9pm.
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The week in review:
At the Republican Convention held this past Friday and Saturday candidates were endorsed by the CT GOP.
These included:
Sam Caliguiri CD5
Dan Debicella from the CD4
Jerry Labriola CD3
Daria Novak CD2
Joe Visconti CD1
Linda McMahon for US Senate
Tom Foley for Governor
Mark Boughton for Lt Governor
Martha Dean for Attorney General
Jeff Wright for Comptroller
Jerry Farrell for Secretary of State
Most of these races are going to primary. Some candidates qualified by getting at least 15% of the delegates' votes. And many are going to get signatures to petition for a place on the ballot.
This will be a unique event for the people of CT in August with so many great candidates stepping up. We, the people, have been blessed to have the opportunity to choose the one that most represents us. I encourage all to thoroughly vet them as the races move to the August 10th election. Many videos are available at Vetting events such as debates, forums and meet & greets will be posted as they come up between now and November 2nd.
Sunday afternoon: Tri-State Liberty Summit. About 250 patriots came out to hear about:
*Election law and strategies
*Successful political campaigning
*Making the media work for you
*The Left’s 100-year war on our Republic
*How to fight the RINOs and win
From all I heard from it was a very enjoyable and enlightening event. Several were so inpired that they have come forward to join the local movement and are now actively participating. Thank you Bob MacGuffie, of Right Principles and Dick Armey of Freedom Works for getting people to the forefront.
"I went to this one and was glad I did!  I came away inspired and empowered.", says Rev. Barb Sexton
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Monday night we met with concerned members of the Stamford Board of Ed. As citizen advisors Lorraine Olson and Carmine Limone explained the possible dilemma facing the taxpayers of Stamford a plan of action was devised to support their initiative. A group of G/S tea partiers quietly protested at the Board of Ed meeting.
Tueday night, "OPERATION FALLING STARR", the report....
Starr power: Meeting stirs debate over Stamford superintendent's future
Wynne Parry, Staff Writer
Published: 12:04 p.m., Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Page 1 of 1
STAMFORD -- News that Superintendent Joshua Starr is seeking to renegotiate his contract sparked an informal referendum on his tenure, particularly on middle school reform, from a parade of speakers at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting. Meanwhile, four silent Tea Party members, let their signs -- bearing slogans like "Got Fiscal Responsibility?" -- do the talking.
Among those objecting to the request, a theme was: Wait a year. Starr has two years left on his current contract, but he is seeking to negotiate a three-year contract. In spite of the public presence on Tuesday night, there was no discussion of the issue on the board's agenda.
"We are not here to debate middle school reform, but I think middle school reform is why I am standing here in front of you," said Alan Stockman, a parent who asked that the board not to extend the contract, "because I am unhappy with the way the process proceeded... I believe healthy debate and dissent was not encouraged."
Those who questioned the reform, particularly, a reduction in ability grouping were unfairly cast as liars and supporters of a system that trapped some students at the bottom, Stockman said.
Starr has not discussed the details of what he hopes to see in any new contract, including compensation or benefits. Several speakers, however, focused on the monetary implications.
A new contract is not necessary and offers no benefit for the city at this time, said Nicole Zussman, a parent. "It would be fiscally irresponsible to extend a contract on one of our highest paid city employees," she said.
Another speaker, Daniela Kelly, predicted further political change, when new board members are elected in November, following the election of board members last year who are much less supportive of Starr.
"I think we should wait it out," she said.
Supporters also made a strong showing.
"I would also like to thank Dr. Starr for his strong, long-term vision that is starting to show results," said Marcella Branca, a parent. "I really hope renegotiation of the contract will be successful so your family can begin to benefit from your hard work as much as my family has."
Starr has said that if an agreement is reached he plans to move his family, including two school-aged children, from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Stamford.
Susanna Vidan, a parent facilitator at Hart Magnet Elementary School who has two children in the system, attacked other speakers' assertion that the board should wait one more year to evaluate the data on Starr's work, particularly middle school reform.
"I think it's ridiculous when they already have five years," she said. Vidan lauded Starr for reaching out "to communities that usually get neglected," such as the black and Hispanic families. "At least he listens and he wants to help," she said. "All the parents that think he is not reachable, I would say you do not know how to pick up a phone."
Former Board of Education member Angela Lorenti also pointed out that the improvement plan approved by the State Board of Education -- which incorporates changes to ability grouping -- will remain regardless of whether Starr is the one to carry it out.
Members of the Greenwich-Stamford Tea Party Patriots showed up after hearing from two concerned board members, according to Mickey Raimondi, who carried a sign telling Starr that renewing his contract before the two years were up is not fiscally responsible.
"It's like an Obama thing, where they have already made up their minds," he said of the board members.
"We believe in fiscal responsibility and justice for the taxpayers," said Philip Balestriere, also a Tea Party member.
Board Member Lorraine Olson confirmed that she and fellow board member Carmine Limone had shared their concerns about renewing the contract with Tea Party members.
"They had asked our thoughts," she said. Limone declined to comment.
Starr also shared his perspective during the meeting.
Every year at this time, he said he seeks either to extend or renegotiate his contract with the board.
"I have a sincere desire to continue to do the work we have done for five years," he said listing work on math, science and literacy, training and collaborative planning time for teachers, and other initiatives during his five-year tenure in Stamford.
"If we can agree on a reasonable contract that will bring me out through three years.. my family has agreed to move to Stamford," said Starr, who has three young children and lives in Brooklyn.
Moving to Stamford would both allow him to spend more time with his family, as well as participate in the community in different ways than he is currently able.
The Board of Education has begun its performance evaluation of Starr, a process which will extend into June.
­-- Staff Writer Wynne Parry can be reached at 203-964-2263 or
My follow up....
Letter to the editor:
If Superintendant Starr is doing a great job now then it would be expected a year from now, if nothing has changed, there would be no reason for concern to renew/renegotiate his contract at that time. Why is there the urgency to extend his contract?
If he wants to move his family here, he can move his family here. It is his free will to do so. His requested terms for a renegotiated contract are unknown at this time. However, if he is looking for a possible housing allowance and/or moving expenses, where would that money come from? The 2010/11 budget presented was passed and deemed fiscally responsible with the approval of the board of finance. Monies could not come from raising taxes to cover any additional expense for a renegotiated contract. So would the money have to come from a program that had to be funded, a position that had to be maintained or materials that had to be procured? If there is any room found in this budget to increase his pay/benefits when the teachers took a zero raise for the year I think there is something not quite prudent with his possible request. And if that cost is going to be passed off to a later budget when we are in such economically uncertain and challenging times the fiscal responsibility question arises again.
The motivation for renegotiation, if only to secure his position for a job well done, certainly leaves me thinking. Putting aside the highly objectionable middle school reform program and the selection of the questionably qualified principal at the high school, why the push? If Superintendant Starr and five of his board members are confident with his choices then following normal contractual proceedings shouldn't be an issue.
The tea party movement's principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets operating devoid of chrony-capitalism apply to federal, state and local governance.
From the land of the free because of the brave,
Monique Thomas
Greenwich/Stamford Tea Party Patriots
Rev Barb says, "Way to go, Monique.  Thank you.   You're points are oh-so-well taken!"
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Petition signature collection!
Signature collection for petitions ends June 8th.
The following candidates are petitioning for the ballot for the 4th Congressional District electorate:
Peter Schiff and Vinny Forras for US Senate
Rob Merkle , Tom Hermann and Rick Torres for 4CD US Representative
Duffy Acevedo for Governor
Please look into these men. More vetting info at If there are any that you are particularly fond of I encourage you to get their petitions and collect signatures for them. Time is of the essence. Contact there campaigns directly for details to participate.
ALSO Barry Haines running for State Senator is in need of signatures, as well...
We Need a Citizen Legislator,
NOT a Professional Politician
Dear Friend:
Many volunteers will help next week to get primary petitions signed for me to qualify for the Republican primary for Connecticut's 27th state Senate seat. If you would like to be one of the volunteers and have not already talked with me about it, then please let me know ASAP.
We will have a fundraiser (min. = $5, max. = $100) at the Belltown Fire House beginning at 6PM next Wednesday, May 26th. It will also be a rally and celebration for the state Senate candidate who actually has a SOLUTION for the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula!
If you have not yet seen the campaign video, then please check it out: . And if you're not familiar with the SOLUTION for the ECS funding, then please read the "Opeds" section of .
Hope you can make it to the fundraiser and it would be fantastic to have your help with obtaining the primary petition signatures.
Andrew McDonald will be removed from office later this year and it will be a major grassroots effort that gets us to that result. There will be much brighter days for Connecticut in the near future!
Barry Haines
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David Pia District 22 Trumbull, Bridgeport, Monroe is primarying and looking for support for his campaign...
I look forward to meeting with you and your friends and to serving you in Hartford .
Thank you very much for your kind consideration and support.
Warmest Regards,
PS If you are interested in hosting a coffee, meet and great or another event where I can meet family, friends and other potential supporters, please let me or my campaign manager, Chadwick Ciocci, know at
PPS We will only win this primary and the election in November with YOUR support. Please make a donation of $5 or more at
Congress already has the right to veto regulations from unelected bureaucrats, that power resides in the Congressional Review Act.
Senator Murkowski R-AK is trying to force a vote that would close the door on the EPA’s global warming regulations, According to Sen. Murkowski’s office, the vote on SJ Res. 26 should be happening before Congress goes on their memorial break, we need to help get that vote to the floor.
SJ Res.26 (Easy read, only 2 pages)
The current vote count is:
Yeas – 41
Nays – 38
These are the Senators that are either swing votes or leaning Nay. Please call them letting them know that Congress has the power to stop the EPA and they need to use it now.
We need to get these Senators to vote Yea on SJ Res. 26
Talking Points
Reading Material:
EPA's Global Warming Regulations: A Threat to American Agriculture
Small Business Impact of the EPA Endangerment Finding
EPA’s Fuel Efficiency Standards: Bad News for the Consumer
Rockefeller Takes on the EPA, Sort Of
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american Graphic Comments

MINI TEA PARTIES: Educating ourselves and others on the issues in regularly scheduled outdoor events. Enjoy the beautiful weather and get some fresh air and sunshine.
Arizona immigration law SB1070
Financial Stability Act aka Tarp II
Seeking candidates to fill state rep. districts 144, 145, 146 and 147 in Stamford
Who ARE the candidates running for state and federal offices?
Any other issue you want to learn about or want to share your knowledge of...come on out!
Bring your signs, flyers and friends.
Every Friday, from 5-7pm we host a mini tea party rally outdoors at:
50 East Putnam Ave
AND...Every Saturday from noon to 2PM we host a mini tea party in front of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, CT. Please come and join us! Bring a friend.
One Public Library Plaza, Stamford, CT 06904
(Corner of Broad St. & Bedford St.)
FREE PARKING at the municipal garages
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Many folks have asked about bus arrangements to the Washington DC on 8/28 for the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally
Here's info that I received. If you're interested.... read instructions Joan Pagliuco (bottom) .
forward to your friends:
Come join fellow patriots of the 9.12ers of Southern Connecticut for the
I have arranged for a bus and 25 rooms at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel
On August 28, 2010 come be a part of history by joining Glenn at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for the Restoring Honor Rally. This is a non-political fundraiser for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This non-profit provides support and assistance to the families of wounded and fallen special operations personnel. This includes 60,000 of America's elite troops such as Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets and Rangers, Air force combat controllers and Marine Corps special operators.
Show your support today by donating to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (
Here are the details:
•Friday, August 27, 2010, 8:00AM - Depart from the commuter parking lot on Penny Lane, Trumbull, CT, (off of Route 108, across from Hawley Lane).
Arrival at the hotel is estimated to be at 1:05 PM.
•Arriving for 4:00 check in at L'Enfant Plaza Hotel
•Returning Sunday August 29 at approximately 9 PMSunday, August 29, 3:45PM - Depart from L’Enfant. Arrival in Trumbull is estimated to be at 9:00PM. Arrival times are estimates and are dependent on traffic, weather, etc.
•HOTEL: L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, 480 L’Enfant Plaza S.W., Washington, DC 20024 202 484-1000
•RATE: per room for 2 nights = $226.71, single, double or triple occupancy + 7.50 per person mandatory porterage fee. Rate includes DC room tax of $14.5% currently, subject to change.
•Check-in time is 4:00PM. Checkout time is 12:00 noon.
A discounted $21 rate per person per day is available for a full breakfast buffet at the American Grille iL’Enfant Hotel.
•Full payment is due no later than July 13, 2010, by check payable to Traveland, Inc., for coach, room, tax and porterage. Space is limited and will be allocated on a first-come basis.
•Room costs are fully refundable, less a $10 processing fee, provided a written cancellation is received at least 24 hours prior to the day of arrival and a cancellation number is obtained.
•COACH: 55-passenger coach with on-board restroom, TV and DVD player.
•COST of the coach, driver and DC bus permit (excluding gratuities) is $68 per person, based on 50 total passengers. If the group number falls below 50, the cost will be adjusted accordingly. If the group reaches 55 passengers, the excess will be returned to the leader towards gratuities.
Joan Pagliuco, CTA

Posted by Rev. Barb Sexton
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stamford CT Memorial Day PARADE Sun May 30 Noon Route & Closures By Reverend Barbara Sexton

From our friend Lt. Nick Montagnese from the Stamford Police Dept:
The City of Stamford Memorial Day Parade will be Sunday May 30th. Parade will start at approx noon time. The parade will begin at Summer Street and Beford Street and will continue south on Summer Street all the way to Main Street, parade will turn east on Main Street and will end in Veteran's Park. There will be road closures along the parade route and the parade route will be posted TOW AWAY ZONE. Any questions or issues contact Lt. Nick Montagnese Stamford Police Dept 203 977-4850.
Thanks, Lt. Nick!
Rev. Barb

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 31 in 2010). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service.[1] First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the Civil War), it was expanded after World War I.
 May God Bless those who served and died for the United States of America.  We are a grateful Nation, no matter what anyone says!

Make A MEMORIAL DAY LEGISLATIVE ACTION TRIBUTE This Year For Our Finest By Reverend Barbara Sexton

courtesy Doug Kidd 
Dear Ones:

     Last month I put out a plea on behalf of our Nation's Service Members and their families that we all write and urge our lawmakers to support and pass "The TRICARE Dependent Coverage Extension Act" (H.R. 4923) a bill that would extend TRICARE coverage for dependent children to the maximum age of 26. LINK:  BELOW IS WHAT I'VE WRITTEN TO DATE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, SECY ROBERT GATES, SEN CHRIS DODD, SEN JOE LIEBERMAN AND REP JIM HIMES:
Dear Sirs and Madam:
The fact that the U.S. Military and their families are callously denied the presumptive 'benefits' of Obamacare only serves to solidify the fact that this monstrosity needs to be repealed and replaced with something credible and sentient.
Absent that and if we must live with this bill, then please, at least pass and enact Representative Martin Heinrich (N.M.)'s "The TRICARE Dependent Coverage Extension Act" (H.R. 4923), a bill that would extend TRICARE coverage for dependent children to the maximum age of 26.
May God imbue you with His endless compassion, so that you will realize how wrong it is to deny the same to others who serve and protect you daily.
Thank you,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
Stamford Medical Reserve Corps
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"
courtesy Doug Kidd 
I realize that 'legalese' can be confusing, but I assure you that the concepts here are very easy to understand and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. OBAMACARE does NOT apply to the TRICARE COVERAGE of U.S. Service Members and DoD employees. A separate, special piece of legislation known as 'S. 3201' is needed to bring military health care coverage up-to-speed with Obamacare. If you prefer to 'just get going and active', skip to "THE BOTTOM LINE" (AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)  and follow the link there to make your own, personal MEMORIAL DAY LEGISLATIVE ACTION TRIBUTE to our fine service members who protect us domestically and on foreign shores.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Below is the response I received from Sen. Lieberman today, saying "Please be assured that I will keep your strong support for this measure in mind as it continues through the legislative process".
May 26, 2010
Rev. Reverend Barbara Sexton
Stamford, CT
Dear Rev. Sexton:
Thank you for contacting me about the TRICARE Dependent Coverage Extension Act (S. 3201), which was introduced by Senator Mark Udall (D-CO).
Currently, TRICARE insurance covers the children of beneficiaries up to the age of 21, or, in some cases, up to age 23, such as for full-time college students. While the national health care reform legislation signed into law earlier this year will require most insurance plans to extend dependant coverage up to age 26, this provision of the law will not apply to TRICARE. As you may know, the health care reform legislation does not change or modify the TRICARE program whatsoever. S. 3201, however, would extend TRICARE insurance coverage so that children of active duty service members and retirees could stay on their parents' policies until the age of 26.
S. 3201 is currently pending consideration by the Senate Armed Services Committee, of which I am a senior member. Please be assured that I will keep your strong support for this measure in mind as it continues through the legislative process. To keep track of further developments on this legislation, you can click on the "Track a Bill" button at  
Thank you again for sharing your views and concerns with me. I hope you will continue to visit my website at  for updated news about my work on behalf of Connecticut and the nation. Please contact me if you have any additional questions or comments about our work in Congress.
Joseph I. Lieberman
From Rev. Barb: Use the keyword 'TRICARE' to search Library of Congress records.  More specifically Here is the link for H.R. 4923, so you can observe the progress of things directly (89 cosponsors): 
Last major action: 4/23/2010 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Military Personnel. Here is the link for S.3291 from Sen. Lieberman's web site so you can observe the progress of things directly (29 cosponsors): 
  Last major action: 4/14/2010 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Armed Services.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
courtesy Doug Kidd 
Here is a link for you to use from the Legislative Center:
     God Bless Sen. Joe Lieberman and other legislators and all of you who care enough to do some work and make a difference for our fighting men and women.
With Love in Christ,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"
courtesy Doug Kidd 

God's Got You Covered

A true challenge for Christian Believers: To 'love' those who 'hate us', but to be WISE about it!

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