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Dear Fellow Americans:
     What in Heaven's name is happening in this country?  I simply cannot BELIEVE the amount of name-calling, false witness, dirty tricks and general nastiness related to political elections today.
     It is with pleasure and total confidence that I endorse MARTHA DEAN for CONNECTICUT ATTORNEY GENERAL.  Heaven knows we need her in CT so that our state can be 'recovered' and 'reclaimed' and healed in a very real way.
     Our opponents must be very desperate to stoop to the methods they are now using against Martha. 
     I do feel sorry for them and I ask you to pray for them, as well as for Martha and all of her supporters.
Thank you and God Bless you.
With Love in Christ,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"


Dear Fellow Republicans and other Supporters,

You know me and what I stand for. You know that as your Republican-endorsed candidate for AG I subscribe to Reagan's 11th Commandment. Still, after several weeks of my primary challenger deliberately misleading Republican voters about my platform for the AG's office -- in an effort to distract from his own record -- and after defending myself at one event without him backing off, I believe vigorous self-defense is appropriate.

Mr. Garber has waged a campaign of sheer myth and dishonesty. He has chosen to conduct himself in gutter politics in radio interviews, in direct mail, and in television interviews in a campaign of intentional deception. The people of Connecticut are tired of this sort of campaigning.

For this reason, I have just sent out the press release below. Next week, I will be holding a press conference to highlight my platform for the AG's office, address Garber's blatant misrepresentations, and explain why Connecticut will be ill-served if voters elect yet another politically-ambitious Attorney General who promotes himself through public slander of good people and businesses.

Please pass this information on to all of your Connecticut friends electronically and by word of mouth. As a Republican, I strongly encourage all Republicans to stand for something more than the slash and burn politics of the past if we want to be in a position to steer this State toward long-term prosperity. I am dedicated to fulfilling my part in this challenge to take Connecticut forward in a new and principled direction. Thank you for your help with this mission.
Best wishes,
Martha Dean

Republican-endorsed candidate for Attorney General
Dean Calls On Her Primary Opponent to Stop Misleading Republican Voters
(Avon, CT) - Republican Party-endorsed candidate for Attorney General Martha Dean today called on her primary opponent to stop misrepresenting her positions on several issues that are outside of the Attorney General's authority, including capital punishment and the war on drugs. Dean's call comes after Ross Garber has used radio interviews and a mass mailing to Republicans, falsely claiming that she would try to abolish the death penalty as Attorney General.

"Mr. Garber knows this isn't true," Dean said. "Anyone who looks at what I've actually said on these issues will see that he deliberately misled thousands of Republican voters. Mr. Garber also knows that these issues are basically irrelevant to the Attorney General's office, and have nothing to do with my platform."

Dean added, "Mr. Garber has created a red herring to distract attention from the real issues in this race and his own record of defending corrupt public servants and others. In Connecticut, the Attorney General has no authority over criminal matters. If he doesn't know this, he's unqualified for the office."

Dean continued, "A candidate who misrepresents his opponent's statements or doesn't understand the office he's running for is the last thing the people of Connecticut need in a new Attorney General."

Dean will address this and her plans to bring common sense as well as fair and just law enforcement to the Attorney General's office at a news conference next week.

Martha Dean for Attorney General
Campaign Headquarters
15 Ensign Drive
Avon, Connecticut 06001
Cell: 860-818-6071
Fax: 860-676-1112
Web Site:
Martha Dean For Attorney General Face Book:!/pages/Martha-Dean-for-Attorney-General-2010/376769353141?ref=ts

"You Bet Cancer Cannot Stop Marine Dream" By Reverend Barbara Sexton

Richmond, Va.-After being named an Honorary Marine July 23, Derrick Owen (center) stands with (left to right) Recruiting Sub-Station Newport News recruiters Sgt. Jared Fisher and Staff Sgt. Felimon Holland, Maj. Benjamin Sanders, the commanding officer of Recruiting Station Richmond, and Gunnery Sgt. Jermail Foster, the RSS Newport News staff non-commissioned officer in charge. Owen was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that attacks tissue and bone, in January while waiting to graduate high school and attend Marine Corps Recruit Training., Staff Sgt. Thomas Perry, 7/23/2010 3:04 PM
Cancer cannot stop Marine dream

7/29/2010 By Staff Sgt. Thomas Perry, 4th Marine Corps District
Richmond, Va.
     "When Derrick (Owen) was eight years-old he wanted to be a United States Marine, and every day since he has maintained that centered focus of earning his Eagle, Globe and Anchor.
courtesy Doug Kidd "All Marine, All The Time"

“He has lived and breathed the Marine Corps since he was a little kid,” said Tammy Owen, Derrick’s mother. “This is all he has ever wanted. His entire persona is built around this goal. He was born to be a Marine.”

"Derrick remained dedicated and on the earliest possible date he was eligible he joined the Delayed Entry Program. He was counting the days. Derrick was one school year away from fulfilling his childhood aspirations of service in the Marine Corps. Then on Jan. 10, he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that attacks tissue and bone. His first reaction, however, was not one of concern for his health."

“My very first thought was that my career as a Marine was ruined,” said Derrick. “It sounds weird and you might not believe it, but my main concern was that I wouldn’t be able to join the Marine Corps.”

'He is a natural leader, and everywhere he went he ate, slept and breathed Marine Corps.”

"When he first received the explanation from the doctors, they told Derrick that the cancer was in Stage 4 and had spread to most of his torso, arms and legs. The cancer was concentrated on the left side of his body, and the prognosis was far from favorable."

“He told me he wasn’t going to be the typical patient,” said Denny. “He was going to beat it and that was that.”

"His mother said, everyday has been a challenge and she believes faith has carried her family through this difficult time."
God Bless You Jim Sutton!

"The Marines of RSS Newport News and the Command Group of Recruiting Station Richmond were so inspired by Derrick’s dedication to his goal of becoming a Marine they submitted him for the rare title of Honorary Marine. This award is so rare that it must be approved and signed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. After careful consideration, Derrick’s package was approved. On July 23 he stood, at attention, in front of RS Richmond Commanding Officer Maj. Benjamin Sanders to accept the title of Marine."

“He has lived the Marine Corps ethos since he was very young,” said Sanders. “Life circumstances prevented him from fulfilling his dream but, he deserves this. This was the right thing to do.”

"It seems like a long shot right now. Derrick’s chemotherapy doesn’t end until February 2011, and he still has a long way to complete recovery, but anyone that has ever talked to him would not rule it out. The determination in his eyes overshadows any doubt that his cancer has created. Whether or not he ever makes it to Parris Island, he has earned the title of Marine. It is a rare honor for a unique young man that disease can never diminish."


 Dear Ones:
     This is something I know a great deal about.  Please take a moment and read Staff Sgt. Thomas Perry's entire article about cancer patient/honorary 'Marine' Derrick Owen.  Please note that the 'honor' bestowed upon Derrick is not one of mere show or without substance, as Derrick is a 'poolee' in the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) and, therefore, 'the real deal'.
     To Derrick's Mom, I say, "You BET your faith will get you through all this".  Some of the 'very best praying' I've done has been in the wee hours of the morning, alone, in a hospital ladies' room...on a patients front porch...or in the chapel of some hospice unit.  May God grant you all strength, hope and endurance as you help your son fight for his life.
     To Derrick, I say, "You BET you're not a typical patient.  You're going to beat this thing!".  I tell you this because I know
     You see, my own husband Bob, USMC (ret.) tank commander, was diagnosed with a rare, advanced 'aggressive' form of prostate cancer several years ago.  Like all patients and their families, we were overwhelmed with fear, uncertainty, too much information, too many choices, too many opinions and not enough time. 
     But we knew 'we' had to do something fast, for there was no 'wait-and-see' option which is common for those with prostate cancer.  Fortunately, I was able to pare down and interpret the medical-ese for my husband Bob and that helped. 
     But no degree of information consolidation or interpretation can provide the BRAVERY and STAMINA every 'advanced' cancer patient needs to have in order to survive. 
     No amount of support or assistance or even prayer alone can replace what the advanced cancer patient must muster within him or her self--faith, sheer strength-of-will and determination!  You know what I'm talking about.  It's what you 'get' in the Marine Corps and learn to react with instinctively.  For more faith--just ask God and He will give it to you.  When you want to 'kick a--', ask the Marine Corps.
     Sure enough, after a thorough examination of all options, I am proud to say that Bob formulated his game plan and made his appointments.  He didn't shirk from the most radical of options and elected the most aggressive approaches for what was an  aggressive cancer.  He chose radical surgery, radiation and drug therapies. 
     He acted quickly, decisively and forcefully and guess what?  After a couple of years of fighting like hell to get 'back to normal', Bob BEAT that cancer!  And not only is he 'cancer-free' right now, but he is fully functioning and doing things they said couldn't be done!  Of course my alternative 'therapies' help...but bear in mind that he is a long-sight older than you, Derrick, which is part of why I am telling you this.
     Did my husband have such a good outcome because of the Corps blood pumping though his veins?  I believe so.  Combine this resolve with strong faith from God and you can do anything. 
     Having observed so very many patients getting 'bad diagnoses', there was no 'initial paralysis' protracted period of being overwhelmed and in utter despair for my husband.  What he did was get it in gear and use the RESOLVE & FEARLESSNESS imbued in him by the grace of God with his years in the USMC!
     Thus,  Derrick, I know you are going to fare well.  You have that same RESOLVE & FEARLESSNESS, too.  And someday, you are going to help others by sharing stories of your faith, strength and your steadfastness.
     So I say, "best wishes and Godspeed" to you in conquering our 'biological enemy' known as 'cancer'. 
     Your family and friends and all of us here are praying for you, encourage you and support you as you muster what you will through sheer strength-of-will, the determination of the United States Marine Corps 'way' and by the grace of God! 
God Bless you!
With Love in Christ,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"
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Any  questions for Reverend Barbara Sexton, email her at: 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GREENWICH/STAMFORD TEA PARTY PATRIOTS EVENTS NEWSLETTER July 28-Aug 3 Posted By Rev. Barbara Sexton "Your Tea Party Pastor"

Gadsden Flag
Hello Patriots,
The week in review:
July 23 and 24-Another steamy Friday and Saturday of mini rallying. Thank you to the troops for keep letting people know they are not alone. I am happy to see some new people taking the message out to the street. From the tone of the conversations out on the sidewalk, it seems more and more people are tuning in to what is going on around them. They are becoming informed and are eager to find out what is going on and who is running for office.The US Constitution is the hottest promotion of the season. The G/STPP has handed out over 4,000 copies since the end of February. Everything starts to make sense when we all get on the same page.

July 26 Monday night's meeting-another large turn out. More new faces in the crowd of 31 people that attended this week's session. Martha Dean who is running for CT Attorney General was in for a meet and greet.
'FREEDOM, FAITH and FORTUNE' is what she's all about. Without faith, there is no freedom. Without freedom there is no fortune. Our own CT GOP and establishment insiders told her to not use the word faith. They told her not to use the word fortune. And you begin to wonder why we are in such a mess today. Martha is bold and stands firmly upon her three pillars so she can bring prosperity back to CT.

Tea Party Patriots, Inc's national coordinators reached out to Michele Bachmann's office regarding the House Tea Party Caucus. They told her that our local coordinators seem to support what she is doing with the House Tea Party Caucus and that they also have some concern that she is trying to be a head or a leader of the movement. She said that is not trying to do this. She wants this Caucus to listen to what is being said by the tea party members and help pass legislation in line with what they want. 35 members of Congress have joined to date. We're keeping an eye on this bunch.

Did everyone see the correction that the NY Times issued in the
following article?! Although it's buried, it's still notable.
Correction: July 25, 2010
The Political Times column last Sunday, about a generational divide
over racial attitudes, erroneously linked one example of a racially
charged statement to the Tea Party movement. While Tea Party
supporters have been connected to a number of such statements, there
is no evidence that epithets reportedly directed in March at
Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia, outside the Capitol,
came from Tea Party members.

All hands are on deck. Tea partiers are signing up and getting involved in their favorite candidates' campaigns. This is where the rubber meets the road.
Since February 27, 2009 CT citizens have been brewing up a storm of activity. We've attended rallies venting their anger and frustrations. We've read the bills! We've written, faxed, e-mailed our representatives. We've joined our RTC's. We became delegates to the convention. We've looked and found our candidates, some coming from amongst ourselves. We've vetted the candidates. And now it's time to support them and get them elected. If you believe in fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets then now is your turn to move our country to greatness.
If you haven't made up your mind yet as to who you will be voting for, then check out  'CANDIDATE VETTING' page to view videos of forums, debates and interviews so you can be sure of your vote on August 10.

US Senate, US Congress, Governor and CT Attorney General and Stamford's District 148 Assembly seat races are all going to primary.
Volunteer and contribute as much and as often as you can.
13 days left before the outcome of the 1st battle of the peaceful 2nd American Revolution.
Come make history. With all of us we will take our country back from the tyranny of the reigning political class.

MINI TEA PARTIES: Educating ourselves and others on the issues in regularly scheduled outdoor events. Enjoy the beautiful weather and get some fresh air and sunshine. (Even if it is raining we will be out. I was reminded one afternoon as it started to drizzle, 'it could be blood in the snow' as it was for George Washington. That put our effort all in perspective.)

Wave a flag, learn about the issues and share your knowledge with others. Join in the fun.

Arizona immigration law SB1070--What, no racial profiling in the bill? Must not be. The DOJ's lawsuit doesn't even go after AZ on that one.
I don't know if there are any illegals hanging out over at the day labor pick up in Stamford but in anycase,
Can someone do me a favor? I've heard Stamford's tax dollars are buying meals for the folks over at the day labor pick up location. Can someone contact the Board of Finance Vice Chair Bob Kolenberg 203-554-4867 or and find out if this gem is true? BTW, Bob is running for State Senator, District 27 to oust Andrew McDonald) Let me know and I will pass it on the group.
Financial Stability Act aka Tarp II What has Dodd done to us now? And Himes thinks this is a good thing. HEAVE HIMES.
Don't it just make you want to scream out loud. Take it to the corner and make it worth your while.
Cap and Trade legislation-Now known as The American Power ACT Let's blow the fairy dust off of this one
How about a VAT tax? What about a 'fair tax' or a 'flat tax'?
Who ARE the candidates running for state and federal offices? go to 'CANDIDATE VETTING' page to see who's in the races and what they stand for.
What's so important about the August 10th primary? How do get your voice heard for once.
Any other issue you want to learn about or want to share your knowledge of...come on out!

Bring your signs, flyers and friends.
Every Friday, from 5-7pm we host a mini tea party rally outdoors at:
50 East Putnam Ave (Corner of Mason Street)
Every Saturday from noon to 2PM we host a mini tea party in front of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, CT. Please come and join us! Bring a friend.
One Public Library Plaza, Stamford, CT 0690
(Corner of Broad St. & Bedford St.)
FREE PARKING at the municipal garages
AUGUST 2-Monday night meeting
SBC Restaurant and Brewery
131 Summer Street
7-8pm-usually an open discussion of issues, current events and campaign updates.
You're definitely going to want to get there on time this week....
AUGUST 2nd, Monday 8-9pm MEET AND GREET Tom Foley running for Governor
AND TENTATIVELY 7:15-8pm MEET AND GREET Peter Schiff running for U.S. Senate
According to the Schiff campaign this will be confirmed on Friday. Stay tuned.
FINAL VETTING OPPORTUNITY before the August 10 Primary:
SBC Restaurant and Brewery
131 Summer Street
August 9th 8-9pm MEET AND GREET Oz Griebel running for governor
Martha Dean: For CT Attorney General
Martha Dean understands and will defend the constitution and our rights. She ran in 2002 and understands how much damage Richard Blumenthal has done to this state.
Her opponent in the primary, Ross Garber, joins the race only after his sister-in-law
Susan Bysiewicz-D, Secretary of State is found unquaified by the State Superior Court to serve as AG.
Peter Schiff: For US SenateNo one knows the economy better than Peter..When the bubble was going to bust, why the housing market and the economy collapsed and then how to fix it.

Linda refuses to acknowledge he is running. She mentions her opponent Simmons on Hannity. No mention of Peter, hmmmmm? And attends two events with Peter this week.
She refuses to debate him.
One can only imagine.
Tea Party Patriots of Bluffton SC recognize Peter Schiff as THE US Senate candidate from CT
In Connecticut – where a Republican primary will be on August 10th – there is a similar situation.
The Republican old guard has endorsed Linda McMahon, a moderate to liberal Republican. She is being challenged by Peter Schiff, an economist and supporter of Tea Party principles. McMahon is well-funded and, while she claims to be more conservative, her record shows support for liberal causes and candidates in the past.
Schiff, on the other hand, wants to get our country’s fiscal house in order, impose a hard
cap on the national debt, control government spending and end the government’s assault on jobs.
Schiff’s web site ( has a section (click on The Issues tab) where activists can
sign up to make phone calls on Schiff’s behalf, at no cost to you as long as you use a land line.
August 6th at 9:30am to be broadcast on News 12 throughout the district.
Additionally, the Torres, Merkle, and Debicella campaigns have all agreed to a debate through the CDRO (Congressional District Republicans Organization) on either August 1st or August 8th.
Details announced as they develop.
Rob Merkle, Republican candidate for Congress, continues his series of Town Hall Meetings and “Meet and Greets” across Connecticut ’s 4th congressional district. We encourage all voters to attend these events.
The Primary on August 10th is just weeks away. It is important to meet Rob Merkle so that you can be assured he is truly the best Republican candidate to run against Democrat incumbent Jim Himes in the general election on November 2nd!
Rob believes in the conservative principles of this nation's founders; fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free enterprise. Each event will begin with Rob giving a brief presentation discussing his ideas on polices that will make Government:
~ more effective and efficient
~ more accountable to the people
~ and fiscally responsible.
Following the presentation, the audience will be invited to ask questions.
7/29 ~ Thursday
*Stamford event is in planning stages.
7/30 ~ Friday
*Norwalk event is in planning stages.
8/3 ~ Tuesday
Greenwich Town Hall, 101 Field Point Road , Lounge Room, 8-10pm
8/4 ~ Wednesday
Redding, Meet and Greet, Hosted by the Wielands, 44 Turney Rd , 6:30-8:30pm
8/5 ~ Thursday
Norwalk, Cigar Factory Outlet. Event is in planning stages. Please refer to website for finalized details
*Please contact for details to attend this function
Be sure to check the calendar on the website for more opportunities to meet with Rob as events are added daily!
Get you Merkle for Congress yard signs at
Volunteer and donate today
polls open 6am-8pm
The vetting continues...
August 16, Monday night meeting 8-9pm
Meet and Greet State Rep Fred Camillo running for re-election in Greenwich's 151st district
In the meantime....
151 District Rep. Fred Camillo needs our help immediately in order to get matching funds; If you can contribute $15, $10, even $5. it would be appreciated. - Timing is critical -
Contact Fred @Fred Camillo
House Republican Office
L.O.B. Room 4200
Hartford, CT 06106
800-842-1423 (within Connecticut)
Alfred Camillo ;
As for my record...voted against all budgets that raised taxes, voted for budgets that balanced the books without new taxes, supported initiative to help private schools, voted against UConn Health Center bill which would have added 5000 more public sector jobs and added to the billions of unfunded pension liabilities, voted against gay marriage codification ( gov't overreach again! ), etc...
CRAA2010 Rally, Tuesday, August 17, 2010,
Hartford Captiol, North Steps, 3:00 to 4:30 pm
This National Rally is being organized by Daren Gardner of Virginia. It is a 48 state capitol rally.
The date of this rally is one week after the GOP primary. We will know our nominated candidates and this will be a good time to stand together as a Grassroots Alliance and move towards the single most important election in our lifetime. I am asking for everyone's help in publicizing this event.
The rally is hosted by CTGRA member group 'We, The People'
The objective of this Rally is to promote and recognize the principles and ideals of our constitution.
The 5 US Congressional Nominees and the US Senate Nominee will speak briefly.
Then the state legislator will receive in a ceremonial presentation a copy of the Constitution, and sign the resolution I will carry with me to all 48 states, one document, signed by 48 legislators across our nation. This resolution will state that said legislators will up hold the constitution and hold their fellow legislators accountable to do the same.
Daren Gardner will close out the rally with a speech on the Constitution and a rally ending prayer..
Again, this is our chance to stand together to work in concert with the candidates that prevailed. "We need to Flip this House" - "Throw the Bums Out"
CRAA2010 website:
CRAA Route Map:
DATE: August 21, 2010
TIME: 8:30AM – 4:30PM
LOCATION: Pleasant Valley Community Church, 20 Grove Ave. Groton, CT
A one day seminar and learning experience you will never forget! We will explore the founder’s key ideas to the creation of the first free nation, the sound political and economic principles from the preamble through the amendments to the Constitution, and how nearly every problem in America today can be solved by restoring these successful concepts.
Seminar fee of $25.00 per person
Includes a continental breakfast, lunch and 135 page study guide.
Mike or Shawna Hannan, 860-447-2592 or
email: by August 14, 2010.
For those attending the Restoring Honor Event in DC
Announcing Bus Trips to Washington DC!
8/28 Restoring Honor to DC Rally
Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor to DC" rally is August 28th. The Connecticut 9-12 groups have organized buses for this rally and a hotel. Click here to download the information and reservation forms..
9/12 March on Washington
Last year over one million people went to DC (or a couple hundred, depending on whether or not you got the news from the New York Times) and this year the tea party is at it again. Happily, we are more organized and have more warning this year, so we are organizing buses down to DC from Connecticut! Wally Hauck as graciously and bravely taken on this task. For information on the buses, and to make reservations, email Wally by clicking here.
Glenn Beck's group has secured travel discounts for the attendees.
The National 912 Project with American and Air Tran have secured additional discounts and Air Tran just discounted their airfare again, too and the discounts of 10% are on top of the discounted airfare!)
1. The JW Marriott Hotel-Rate: $149.00
1 Block from the White House and walking distance to Lincoln Memorial
Discount code/Name of Event if you wish to call in: The Plan
Phone: 1-202-393-2000
2. Mayflower Renaissance Washington Hotel-Rate: $139.00
4 blocks from the White House and Lincoln Memorial
Discount code/Name of Event if you wish to call in: The Plan
Phone: 202-347-3000
3. Washington Marriott DC-Rate: $99.00
4 blocks from the White House and Lincoln Memorial
Discount Code/Name of Event: PLAPLAA/“The Plan”
Phone: 202-737-2200
4. Marriott Wardman Park Hotel-Rate: $99.00
Less than two miles north of Lincoln Memorial
Discount Code/Name of the Event if you wish to call in: “The Plan”
Phone: 202-328-2088
5. Hyatt Regency Washington at Capitol Hill-Rate: $110.00
Block from National Capitol Bldg and National Mall
Discount code/Event Name if you wish to call in your reservation: “Mom for America”
Phone: 202-737-1234
6. Crystal Gateway Marriott-Rate: $99.00
2 miles from the White House. One-half mile from Ronald Reagan Apt.
Discount Code/Event Name if you wish to call in for your reservation: “912 Project’s” “The Plan”
Phone: 703-920-3230
7. Renaissance Washington DC-Rate: $149.00
Blocks from the White House and close to National Mall
Discount Code/Event Name if you wish to call in a reservation: “The Plan”
Phone: 202-898-9000
8. Crystal City Marriott at Ronald Regan National Airport-Rate: $99.00
At the Ronald Reagan Airport-3 miles to White House
Discount Code/Event Name if you wish to call in your reservation: “The Plan”
Phone: 703-413-5500
9. Renaissance Washington DC at Dupont Circle-Rate: $99.00
Blocks from the White House and Lincoln Memorial
Discount Code/Event Name if you wish to call in your reservation: “The Plan”
Phone: 202-775-0800
10.Key Bridge Marriott-Rate: 99.00
1 mile from the White House close to Ronald Reagan Airport
Discount Code/Event Name if you wish to reserve by phone: “911
Phone: 703-524-6400
11.Fairview Park Marriott-Rate: $79.00
7 miles West of the White House just inside the Beltway
Discount Code/Event Name if you wish to reserve by phone: “The Plan”
Phone: 1-703-849-9400
12.Residence Inn and Suites Arlington Pentagon City-Rate: $109.00
1 mile from the Ronald Reagan Airport. 1 mile from the White House
Discount Code/Event Name if you wish to reserve by phone: “The Plan”
Phone: 703-413-6630
13.Residence Inn and Suites Alexandria at Carlyle-Rate: $94.00
7 Miles South of the White House just inside the Beltway
Discount Code/Event Name should you wish to book directly with the hotel: “The Plan”
14.Residence Inn Old Town Alexandria-Rate: $94.00
7 Miles South of the White House just inside the beltway
Discount Code/Event Name should you want to reserve on the phone:“Glenn Beck”, “The Plan”
Phone: : 703-548-5474
15.Hilton Crystal City at Ronald Reagan National Airport-Rate: $88.00
At the Ronald Reagan Airport-3 miles to the White House
Discount Code/Event Name should you choose to phone in directly: Glenn Beck “The Plan”
16.Courtyard Arlington Rosslyn-Rate: $99.00
1 mile from the Regan Airport. 1 mile from the White House
Discount code/Event Code if you would like to call in and register: “We the People, Restore our Constitution, March 2010”
Phone: 703-528-2222
17.Tysons Corner Marriott-Rate: $79.00
7 Miles West of the White House Just outside the beltway
Discount Code/Event Name if you would like to book directly with the hotel: “Unveiling of the Plan”
Phone Number: 703-734-3200
18.Courtyard Washington Northwest-Rate: $94.00
1.3 Miles NW of the White House
Discount Code/Event Name if you would like to book directly with the hotel: “We The People “Restore Our Constitution” March 2010”
19.Courtyard Washington Embassy Row-Rate: $94.00
Discount Code/Event Name if you would like to book directly with the hotel: “We The People “Restore Our Constitution” March 2010”
Phone: 202-293-8000
Dear Mo,
I have some good and bad news.
First, the good news is your efforts paid off and the Senate rejected the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill as part of the Supplemental Appropriations Act!
Only 4 of our 10 targets voted in favor of the attempted Big Labor power grab.
But the bad news is that Big Labor is throwing everything into getting a vote on the stand-alone version of the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill before the Senate adjourns August 9.They know this may be their last chance to pass this bill, which will shackle our public safety servants and hand the Union Bosses untold power.
The next two weeks will be the most dangerous we have faced yet . . . that's why we need to FULLY-FUND the $250,000 in targeted TV ads!
Our targeted campaign already paid off, as a number of our targets voted against Big Labor, but now the fight will be renewed with more force.
We are over half way, but your help is needed to reach our goal.
Will you chip in $10?
Mark Mix
YOU CUT-Jim Himes claims we now need to be fiscally responsible. After sucking $5 billion dollars worth of taxes out of the 17 towns that make up the 4th CD, we're still waiting.
When does he say yes to cutting spending. Follow along with the House votes every week. Watch his campaign rhetoric and compare...

YouCut – a first-of-its-kind project - is designed to defeat the permissive culture of runaway spending in Congress. It allows you to vote, both online and on your cell phone, on spending cuts that you want to see the House enact. Vote on this page today for your priorities and together we can begin to change Washington's culture of spending into a culture of savings.
THE DISCLOSE ACT follow up....What's the big deal about Disclose Act? Follow along.
Through the relentless efforts of grassroots organizations across the nation The DISCLOSE Act failed on a 57-41 vote that went along party lines. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) voted against the motion, a procedural move to allow another vote to occur in the future.
Today the U.S. Senate voted on the DISCLOSE act, which is opposed, in bipartisan fashion, by over 400 organizations, from "National Right to Life to the Sierra Club and the ACLU," and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called the bill “a transparent attempt to rig the fall election” earlier today. The good news is that WE WON THIS BATTLE!!
However, we must be vigilant. The Democrats are going to try to pass this bill again next month, undoubtedly after attempting to bribe those most likely to sell out, or perhaps convincing those most likely to support it in the first place (RINOs); I'm talking about Senators Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, and Collins. Please contact the 41 NO votes & thank them for voting NO! Especially the three aforementioned Senators; thank them for standing up in favor of Free Speech. Remember, an ounce of prevention...
Here is the last segment of what Senator Mitch McConnell said about the DISCLOSE act prior to the vote, in which Harry Reid & the Democrats failed to shut down the Republican filibuster (the video clip below contains the text quoted below):
“The Disclose Act is not about reform. It is nothing more than Democrats sitting behind closed doors with special interest lobbyists choosing which favored groups they want to speak in the 2010 elections — all in an attempt to protect themselves from criticism of their government takeovers, record deficits and massive, unpaid-for expansions of the federal government into the lives of the American people.
“In other words, a bill to shield themselves from average Americans exercising their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.
“Americans want us to focus on jobs, but by taking us off the small business bill and moving to this one, Democrats are proving the jobs they care about most are their own.
“Think about it. Here we are in the middle of the worst recession in memory, and Democrat leaders decided to pull us off a bill that’s meant to create jobs in an effort to pass this election-year ploy to hold onto their own.
“What could be more cynical than that?
“A yes vote on this bill will send a clear message to the American people that their jobs aren’t as important as the jobs of embattled Democrat politicians.
“In closing, let me just note that hundreds of ideologically diverse organizations oppose this bill and have provided us with valuable information on its various absurdities. But I think the ultimate test of this bill’s legitimacy is pretty simple. If the Founding Fathers were here, they’d remind us. They’d hold up the Constitution and remind us of the oath we took to support and defend it.
“As members cast this vote today, they’ll come to the well and look at the desk to see what the well description says — the sheet of paper that sums up what this vote is about. On the Democrat side I’m sure it will include words like transparency and disclosure and talk about the threats to Democracy if this bill isn’t passed.
“On our side Mr. President, it will be simpler. This copy of the Constitution will serve as our well description, and, more importantly, it will remind us of why we’re all here. We’re here to protect the Constitution, not our own hides.
“I yield the floor.”
Here's the Heritage Foundation's take on the DISCLOSE ACT:
DISCLOSE Act Assault on First Amendment Continues
For those of you who believe in bygone notions like free speech rights and the ability to criticize politicians when they do things like nationalize 1/5 of the U.S. economy, you better taken advantage of that while you can. Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has filed for cloture on the DISCLOSE Act, S. 3628, which is intended to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United and impose burdensome new disclosure requirements. The cloture vote will probably occur next Tuesday in a move that avoids committee hearings. If Reid can get 60 votes, then the Schumer/Van Hollen Sedition Act of 2010 will proceed to a vote. At that point, he will only need 51 senators who believe Congress has the ability to circumvent and restrict the First Amendment.
Senator Schumer also introduced a new version of S. 3628 yesterday which differs slightly from the version passed in the House, H.R. 5175. For example, it drops the ban on political speech introduced by Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) by holders of oil drilling leases on the Outer Continental Shelf, which is a slight improvement over the House version. But the differential treatment between corporations and unions is still present in the new, refined, and “improved” bill, as are all of the other worst provisions of the original version.
The Center for Competitive Politics estimates that the ban on government contractors engaging in political speech will apply to over half of the fifty largest companies in the United States. The “NRA exemption” from the burdensome disclosure requirements remains in the bill as does the prohibition on speech of American companies with direct or indirect connections with foreign corporations (although unions and NGOs with foreign members are not affected). So companies owned 80% by Americans that are headquartered in the United States and whose employees are overwhelmingly American will not be able to engage in any political speech.
If this bill passes, it will become effective within thirty days, which will cause such confusion and chaos only two months before the fall congressional elections that many corporations, both profit and nonprofit, and incorporated associations, will no doubt stay out of the election and stay out of grassroots activity on other bills and issues being considered by Congress before November. But then, there is little doubt that deterring such activity that could lead to criticism of the positions and votes taken by incumbent senators and representatives is an intentional objective.
The Framers of our Bill of Rights are probably rolling over in their graves as they contemplate what may be about to happen in the United States Senate. If Daniel Webster asked “How stands the Union?’ as he did in the famous story by Stephen Vincent Benet in The Devil and Daniel Webster, it would be hard to give him the answer he would want. When members of the United States Congress believe they have the power to violate the First Amendment with impunity and censor the political speech of those who they believe should not be able to speak, then the Union no longer stands “rock-bottomed and copper sheathed, one and indivisible.”
From the land of the free because of the brave,
Greenwich-Stamford Tea Party Patriots
Mobilizing in support of meaningful economic reform that supports entrepreneurship, promotes individual responsibility, respects Constitutional integrity, and depends on American ingenuity over expansive governmental growth and spending.
With Love in Christ,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"Your Tea Party Pastor", ministering to believers and nay-sayers, to 'seekers' and doubters, in a spirit of true equality.
Won't you join me to help HEAL our FINE COUNTRY? 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Comments To Westport Roundup I Think May Not Get Published-Dedicated To Charlie Rangel" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Rob Merkle

"Comments To Westport Roundup I Think May Not Get Published-Dedicated To Charlie Rangel!"
by Reverend Barbara Sexton
aka 'Westport Roundup Shenanigans'
In case something 'gets lost' re: my submission to
founder-and-owner-of-management.html tonight, Wed., July 28, 2010, here we go:

Your comments about Rob Merkle are SO LAME! It has often been said that 'what we hate most in others is that which we hate in ourselves'. (That's not POT ON YOUR BREATH, IS IT?? :::kidding::::)

Most of the 'Progressive Libs' I know are totally on board with the legalization of pot, even in a manner which scares me as far as the well-being of our children are concerned! But never mind that--YOU are talking about ANCIENT HISTORY with Rob and are only revealing more and more about your 'anonymous' self. If you had any substance, you would be open and reveal your yourself.

You do realize how petty and nit-picky you look, don't you? You're emphasizing something most DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE LIBS would rather you DID NOT bring to anyone's attention with your LAME pot argument!

Most Progressive Libs are INTO gay sex (for themselves or others), for gay marriage and for the legalization of marijuana. Everyone knows this. I guess we all better learn to live with this, hypocrisy notwithstanding.

Anyway, here's another article for you by ME on this fine young man, Rob Merkle. I pray it will distract you enough from whatever YOU are up to to make a difference this next election cycle:

Quote me anytime you want, the more the better for our TEA PARTY PATRIOTS movement, as long as you quote me honestly. Fail to do so and I WILL NOTICE!

Then you can call me a liar.

God Bless You,

Reverend Barbara Sexton
Lately of the UCC-United Church of Christ (the Obama/Reverend Jeremiah Wright church) 
P.S. Pardon me if I don't trust you to publish I think I'll just put it up on my Stamford blog in case what I submit to you "gets lost in your mail".
Synod 2007 Where Then-Senator Barack Obama gave his first Presidential speech in a church setting

"Maxine Waters' Socialist OOPSIE" Posted By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Dear Ones:
     This Maxine Waters video in a not-so-oldie from Mar 13, 2009.  I want you to watch this and KEEP IT IN MIND as we enter the next election cycle.
     Pass this along and bookmark it.  I think it needs way more exposure than it's received to date.  Thank you and God Bless you!
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"Your Tea Party Patriot Pastor"

Please join me and help to HEAL our FINE NATION!--Rev. Barb
Greenwich-Stamford TEA PARTY PATRIOTS:

"Happy Peruvian Independence Day From Hillary & Rev. Barb" By Rev. Barbara Sexton

Dear Ones:

Please join me in prayer for the people of Peru:

O God, you are our Lord over all the earth and over all it's peoples and this day we ask that you especially bless the people and lands of Peru. 

We pray that you keep them from harm, whether 'natural' or man-made. 

We pray that a spirit of unity, cooperation and warmth pervade dealings between Peru and the countries with which she has a foundation of true friendship.

We pray that Peru and the people of the United States live in peace and harmony in every way and at all times with mutual respect and reciprocity between our two countries.

We pray for a 'welcome in safety' when Peruvians visit the U.S. and when those from the U.S. visit Peru.

We pray also for the leaders of Peru, that they may be wise and have the resources to complete their roles successfully.

We pray that the things we pray for Peru this day are granted to all the lands of the earth and that they, too, someday learn to trust and live in love.

We pray these things in the spirit of our individual faith traditions--


Reverend Barbara Sexton  
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 27, 2010
On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Peru as you celebrate the 189th anniversary of your independence this July 28. The warmth and vitality of the Peruvian people is fresh in my mind following my first visit to your beautiful country earlier this summer. Peru has made great progress in recent years to improve economic inclusion, reduce poverty, and expand opportunity to more people in more places. Whether you spend the day listening to President Garcia's Independence Day address, attending a traditional fair, or simply celebrating with family and friends, I hope all Peruvians take a moment to reflect with pride on your achievements.

The United States and Peru continue to be close friends and partners, both in the region and around the world. Our relationship is rooted in our shared respect for democratic governance, our commitment to free trade and open markets, and our vigorous defense of individual rights and civil liberties. Peru's development over the last decade confirms for the region and the world that dedication to these ideals remains the surest path to stability and economic growth.

I wish all Peruvians a peaceful and happy Independence Day celebration. We look forward to continuing the strong partnership between our nations as we strive to create a more inclusive and more prosperous future for our world.

PRN: 2010/1013
Flag of Peru

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Break From The Daily Grind--USMC-Style" Posted By Reverend Barbara Sexton

May God bless and keep each of these Marines and all of our troops in harm's way all around the world.  May our service members know how much we LOVE and APPRECIATE them and that we cannot THANK THEM ENOUGH for their sacrifices and hard work and for that of their families and friends. 

Brave ones, ALL, these American HEROES!

....and Rev. Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"


"Acquitting the Guilty & Condemning the Innocent" By Reverend Barbara Sexton


PROVERBS 17:15--No matter which version of the Bible you read...the message is the same!
"Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent--the Lord detests them both."
(New International Version)
"He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD."
(King James Version)
"One who justifies the wicked and one who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD."
(New Revised Standard Version)
"He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, Both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD." 
(New King James Version)

Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

'PRAYER of St. Theresa For All Of Us In Our Imperfection' By Reverend Barbara Sexton

St. Theresa- "The Little Flower of Jesus"

Saint Theresa's Prayer

May today there be peace within.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.

May you be content knowing you are a child of God.

Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

It is there for each and every one of us.


A Blessed message for all of us!
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

VOTE Martha Dean For CT Attorney General By Reverend Barbara Sexton

Martha Dean for Attorney General
Dear Ones:
     Once in a while, you meet up with a real 'stand up' gal who has consideration to match her brains and kindness to match her 'beauty'.  And Martha Dean, candidate for Connecticut Attorney General, is just that person.
     I know what I'm talking about.  Martha is a 'no-nonsense' lady who tells it like it is.  AND, she puts her 'actions' where her heart is...and all while using the gifts that God gave her.
     This is MY 'first foray' into politics, as a 'refugee' from the "Wright/Obama Church" ( the United Church of Christ, the UCC) in Stamford, CT.  I guess God had this intention for me after 56 years of being pretty 'apolitical'. I take my vocation to heart. 
     I have seen the very worst that politics has to offer with it's racist slants, it's financial improprieties, it's anti-American sentiments and most of all, it's seriously demented 'twisting' of Biblical truths for Christians and Jews, alike.  IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!!! 
     For the love of God and for everything decent in America today, I ask that you, who can, vote for 'MARTHA DEAN' for ATTORNEY GENERAL of the state of Connecticut.  For much more on Martha, just click on her name on my blog index and click here and here:
     We talked at a meeting tonight and we agree that ALL AMERICANS deserve to have a 'fair say' and a 'fair shot' at the 'American way of life'.  What we will not do, is play the usual party politics--those of us as members of the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS--for we represent EVERY AMERICAN.  Personally, I'd like to see a far smaller place for RELIGION in the political scene, after what we've seen with the last election.  What we need is solid faith in our Creator for those of us who believe and for those who are not quite so sure.  Through our intents and actions, let us be known, with the grace of God.
      I'm fixing to do my 'due diligence' and publish what I can about 'Blumenthal things'.  In a nutshell, you will see why A.G. Blumenthal has GOT TO GO and why MARTHA DEAN will be your best next ATTORNEY GENERAL of Connecticut.
     Thank you and God Bless you for taking the time and consideration to read this.
With Love in Christ,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"


God's Got You Covered

A true challenge for Christian Believers: To 'love' those who 'hate us', but to be WISE about it!

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