Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"The Greenwich-Stamford TEA PARTY PATRIOTS Invite You To: THE FREE MARKET WARRIOR ECONOMIC LITERACY SEMINAR" Posted By Reverend Barbara Sexton

From e-mail
Contact Loren Spivack  Lorenspivack@gmail.com  718-614-441
RSVP: Monique Thomas 
Greenwich-Stamford Tea Party Patriots LINK: www.gstpp.org  Fast-track your economic literacy:
Discover what most citizens and politicians alike don’t know about Free Market Economics.
The Free Market Warrior Economic
Literacy Seminar
Hosted by the Greenwich/Stamford Tea Party Patriots
Monday December 6th and Monday December 13
Greenwich Town Hall
101 Fieldpoint Road
Greenwich CT 06830
1. Can you explain why some tax cuts (Bush's second term, Obama's proposed) do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy, while others (Reagan's, Bush's first term) provide a great stimulus?
2. Were you taught in High School that the federal government needs to protect consumers from corporate monopolies that would otherwise be able to charge whatever they wanted?
3. Were you taught that Roosevelt's New Deal saved the country by intervening in the economy and "stimulating" demand?
4. Would you be surprised to learn that the economic theories espoused by the current administration and congressional leaders were conclusively disproved more than 100 years ago?
A free society cannot survive unless the people understand what is going on.
Loren Spivack, The Free Market Warrior, has committed himself to helping an entire generation of Americans understand how economics works.
The information is given in straightforward accessible format, with the goal of preparing a new “army” of regular Americans ready and equipped to fight for freedom, in that area where freedom is most crucial: our economic lives.
The seminar is given over two evenings and divided into four parts:
1. Intellectual and Historical Roots of Socialism: Understanding its broad appeal.
2. The Intellectual and Historical Roots of Capitalism: Why we'll starve without it.
3. The Source of Value: Two contrasting views and their implications.
4. Applying the Principles of Freedom to the Problems of Today: Taxes, Education, Health Care, Protectionism and Outsourcing, Population, Natural Resources and many more.
Please RSVP to: teapartymovement@rocketmail.com 
Praise from previous seminar participants:
“Loren has amassed a great deal of relevant knowledge of economic systems and how they relate to governments and individuals. He does a great job of communicating in an easy to understand manner by providing clear examples from history to buttress his reasoning."
öRick Sheppard, Hickory NC
“Everyone in the USA needs to hear your lectures, and soon!”
öTom Winslow, Newton NC
“Mr. Spivack has a remarkable grasp of the principles of free market economics along with a wonderful talent for making these ideas relevant and accessible to people in their everyday lives. His seminar is a must for anyone who wants to really understand what going wrong in America today, and what the solutions are."
öBettina Greaves (Former personal secretary to Nobel Prize winning economist Ludwig Von Misses)
“Time wisely spent.”
öJon Reynolds, Charlotte NC
“Wow! I always thought economics was like voodoo…but Loren made it clear, simple and fun!”
öBonnie Evens, Charlotte NC
“This seminar is worth more than most college educations!”
öDrew Kelly, Mooresville, NC
“Loren makes so much sense it hurts!”
öHerta Dane, Wilbraham, MA
“I really feel like I am now armed for battle! I am a Free Market Warrior!”
öRick Caston, Charlotte NC
“My teenage son, who didn’t want to come, didn’t want to leave!”
öSusan Stiefel, Acton MA
“Should be required for all voters!”
öTim Gordon, Acton MA

"About The Earthquakes In Japan & Elsewhere Today" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Today's 6.6 Mag earthquake in Japan & elsewhere
Dear Ones:
     Yesterday I wrote a 'piece' on tornadoes attendant to energy from the sun reaching earth (as indicated by a rise in the Kp Index (the 'planetary K Index') and causing geomagnetic storm activity. LINK: http://dearoneshealingministry.blogspot.com/2010/11/about-tornadoes-today-by-reverend.html
     If you've been following my 'Tutorials', you know by now that energy from the sun can combine with the internal energy of the earth as well as with 'atmospheric energy' to produce: tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, storms, lightning, thunder, auroras and any number of observable earth weather phenomena.
     Today, we had a substantial 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan after 'yesterday's' USA tornadoes.  I thank God that engineers there have been able to design and construct 'earthquake-resistant' structures, since Japan is so seismically active.
     The details of this earthquake are as follows.
DATE               TIME        LAT    LON  MAG  DEPTH km   LOCATION
30-NOV-2010 03:24:41 28.41 139.14 6.6 478.3 BONIN ISLANDS REGION
     The two earthquake data links I recommend are:
LINK: http://www.iris.edu/seismon/  for those with a mag >=4.0  and
LINK: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/ for smaller ones.
     The 'lesson' for today is this: yesterday's solar energy affecting the earth (as tornadoes across the USA) are TODAY also spawning some seismic activity, such as that in Japan.  Fortunately, this 6.6 quake was a 'deep one', at 478.3 km below the earth's surface.  As you will learn from my my Free 'Tutorials' (click below), 'the shallower the earthquake, the greater the potential for damage it has, in general'.
     It is almost impossible to precisely 'predict' when and where 'geomagnetic storm activity' on earth will manifest itself.  USUALLY, it takes 'a few days' for released solar flare energy to actually have an effect on our planet. 
     When and where this energy 'hits' is an imprecise science, at best.  We do well to observe all natural indicators (including animal behavior!) as we monitor our instrumentation.
     WE can learn to be on the ALERT when one of our NOAA or NASA sources indicates 'incoming energy' and attempt to anticipate how 'space weather' will be affecting our 'earth weather' via the 'geomagnetic storms' of movie fame...and which really do exist.
     Officials rarely want to 'alarm' anyone...even when they are giving the go-ahead to divulge an opinion.  Alas, by the time any 'official alerts' get to the public-at-large, it is often 'too late' for the masses to 'take action'.
     For this reason, I am encouraging all of you to take the sensible steps necessary to assure yourselves that (as long as you have computer access of some sort) that you are current with weather events.  This is especially important if you live in an earthquake-prone area or know someone who does.
     You owe it to yourselves and your families to take a few moments with my 'Tutorials.  You will quickly see the usefulness of the links and information I provide you with and that they are worth paying attention to.
     The 'scientist' in me is fascinated by today's technology even as the 'spiritual me' reaches out to the world in faith.
In Him,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Monday, November 29, 2010

"About The Tornadoes Today" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Dear Ones:
     You might be noting some 'extreme weather' in the form of tornadoes, etc., across the country today...or some 'other' day, for that matter. 
     I just want to point out that this correlates with some unstable 'space weather'...the energy of which is hitting the earth from the sun.
     Overall, our 'sun' is in what we call at a 'Solar Minimum'.  What this means is that while overall sun activity (in the form of solar flares and concurrent x-ray, electrical, proton, radio and other energy forms) occurs less frequently...the 'flare-ups' often stronger when they do occur.
LINK: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2009/01apr_deepsolarminimum/
     As I have detailed in my 'Tutorials' (click below), when solar energy from a solar eruption manages to hit our planet, it is manifested in many ways, such as earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, etc. 
     Don't forget that the earth, itself, is the source of energy from down below the earth's crust, all the way down to it's core.  This 'earth energy' can combine with the 'geomagnetic storm energy' from the sun, resulting in earthquakes and the 'geomagnetic storms' of movie fame.
     Sometimes there is a 'lag period' of several days before we 'notice' anything here...and sometimes there is hardly any lag period at all.  Many factors enter into play, as you will learn.
     Above is the 'planetary Kp index' of the last couple of days. LINK: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/kp_3d.html   Those 'yellow bars' represent 'energy' contributing to today's unstable weather (tornadoes in particular).  Whatever seismic activity there may be on earth today stands the chance of being at least a little bit intensified by the energy hitting earth from the sun, to be sure.
     Be sure to check NOAA's "Current Space Weather Warnings in effect" if you detect some foul weather coming your way so that you can judge for yourself how intense the activity might be for you and your loved ones locally.
LINK: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/alerts/warnings_timeline.html      Here's today's Space Weather Warnings in effect:

May God Bless You and Your Loved Ones at all times
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"TSA Luggage Searches & Infective Potential Due To Dirty Unchanged Gloves & Bad Technique" By Reverend Barbara Sexton

Dear Readers:
     First of all, let me say that I am in no way blaming any TSA shortcomings on TSA Officers alone...but also on those who train, equip, monitor and discipline them.
     The fact is that TSA Officers are, at present, not CERTIFIED nor can they be EXPECTED TO conduct body and luggage searches with any type of consideration for 'sanitation', 'hygiene' or 'good health practices'. 
     As far as we know for now, all they are required to do is 'wear gloves' and conduct their searches without hurting, spilling, breaking or losing anything.  We can't expect of them anything resembling 'aseptic technique' and that's just a fact...especially at their paltry salary level.
     In a perfect world, care would of course be taken to make sure that persons' bodies and belongings were examined under as 'sanitary' conditions as possible.  Yes, this takes longer and costs more, requiring 'regular glove changes', as well as the wearing of masks and perhaps other protective gear apparel by the examining TSA Officer.
     And let us not forget that TSA Officers are deserving of more training and HAZARD PAY if Officials are determined to 'stay this course' of unsanitary 'pat-downs' and luggage searches, as well as 'dubiously safe 'scannings'.
     But as it is today, how is one to know if the TSA person examining their person and luggage is not harboring some kind of respiratory pathogen-viral, bacterial or even more exotic?  We'd like to know that the TSA Officer is not sneezing and hacking all over our luggage contents, but how can we know?
     The fact is, even 'in the best of scenarios', we just can't!
     How do we know that a 'good sneeze' on our toiletries did not take place, thus contaminating our personal items destined for use on our skin?
     We can't!
     How do we know that a TSA Officer's dirty gloves--contaminated with staph or strep or worse from a 'previous toiletries check'--has not just 'contaminated' our undies, handkerchiefs and personal items? We can't! 
     'Used' and 'sticky' personal hygiene items, toiletries and cosmetics--we all have them in our little plastic bags.  But few realize what GREAT HARBORERS and potential TRANSMITTERS of microorganisms they also are.
     Or, maybe we do and, if so, it's time to remember it!
     Don't we tell our children and young people NOT TO SHARE lipglosses, lipsticks, mascaras, deodorants, hairbrushes, washclothes and the like, product preservative systems notwithstanding?  Yes, we do.
     Is the public, let alone the TSA, cognizant of the fact that many 'soaps', far from being part of the 'cure' for our microbial contamination issues, are actually HAVENS for some of our worst water-loving pathogens?
     I don't know if they do.  But the fact is that the water-loving and living Pseudomonas aeruginosa (which produces a blue-green discoloration to the flesh and nails it infects), for instance, has been found to actually live in and 'EAT' certain (liquid) soaps!
     Pseudomonas' notoriety stems from the fact that systemic infection with it is overwhelmingly fatal.  And it 'loves' soap.
     With the advance of science, humankind is astounded to grasp the significance of the vast ability of the tiniest forms of 'life' to hunker down and survive and even thrive in any number of substances we use every day.
     And this knowledge ought rightly reduce us to humility as we realize that organisms invisible to our naked eyes can bring us not only to our knees, but to our Maker. 
     Thus my prayer is that such 'humility' will compel us to consider that which we might not otherwise and I start 'here' by way of simple example:
     You've packed 'damp' swimsuits for 'quick travel', haven't you?  Maybe you gave your child's suit a 'quick soapy rinse', packed it in a plastic bag for a flight and thought nothing of it.
     But have you considered the consequences of dirty, unchanged, potentially contaminated TSA Officer gloves closely examining this 'damp garment', since it is 'out of the norm'?  Have you considered that a little 'soap' can serve as a culture medium for some bad bugs?
     Or maybe you've just packed that suit, still damp with some chlorinated pool water.  In this case, I ask, "You DO realize that that little bit of chlorine is useless as an antimicrobial in the event of gross TSA Officer glove contamination, don't you?
     Unless you literally 'disinfect' that suit post haste, it is a real health hazard. 
     In a forthcoming article, I will detail some effective and practical ways to 'disinfect' items that have been subjected to 'TSA Screening'.  If you've never given this much consideration before, you will now...or you should, anyway.
     I'm not suggesting that we all adopt what some call 'Howard Hughes Syndrome'.  I'm not advising that we get OCD when it comes to 'germs'.  But we must get realistic and practical.  
     What is 'good for the traveler' is ALSO 'good for the TSA Officer', I might add.  From the standpoint of sheer exposure, the group MOST at risk from luggage and body-handling 'woes' is not the public, but the TSA workers themselves.
     So we all must listen and we all must act. 
     When it comes to the realities of living and travel today, "These are not 'our parents microorganisms' at all".  Gone are the good old days when eating a peck of dirt in a lifetime would help assure a 'good immune system'.
     We've 'blown out' our immune systems via various pharmaceuticals, environmental conditions and lifestyle choices.  And... 
     We have many more pathogens (microorganisms that cause disease in humans and other animals and even in plants).  And...
     Not only are there more pathogens, but many of them have become more virulent, meaning their 'infectious capability' and potential deadliness have also increased. 
     Far from being 'panic talk', what I am saying here is long-overdue for public consumption, in my opinion.  I've personally never worked in a biology or chemistry lab which didn't work in close association with a microbiology unit and sometimes a virology unit, as well.
     Many of us have 'cross-trained' and for good reason in both academic and manufacturing settings.  And some of us will speak openly about things the public needs to know in order to make intelligent decisions.
     By now you Readers are aware that the  'traditional medical establishment' is loathe to speak openly about nosocomial (hospital-acquired) and community-acquired infections...especially since the line between the two has become increasingly 'blurred' in the last decade.  You'd better bet that hospitals and health care facilities of all sorts are very dirty places!
     Just ask any patient or family member who has been unfortunate enough to have suffered from an infection in a health care setting.  Or just ask an honest health care provider and they will tell you also.
     The time to address all this is now.  How fortuitous in a sense, the TSA situation is, if only because it forces all to take a good look at 'public sanitation issues'.  
     In this age we do well to be concerned about our 'global health'.  As all 'flu outbreaks' originate in Asia and migrate sequentially to Hawaii, to California and onward to the east coast per epidemiological studies (typically, but not always!) we see new 'patterns' emerging every day. LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/avian/
     Dengue Fever, for instance, despite a popular and misleading commercial to the contrary, is alive and well in Miami, Fl.  Here's a recent article I did on this, in fact: LINK: http://dearoneshealingministry.blogspot.com/2010/08/dengue-fever-redux-socio-medical.html    
     MISinformation dies hard, it would seem.
     Simply put, just because 'the public does not hear about it', doesn't mean that global patterns of disease spread are not morphing and changing before our very eyes, via the 'human vector'.
     You know what 'disease vectors' are.  Mosquitoes are one, as are birds and swine.  Vectors are, simply put, the factors by which disease is spread.
     And now, since 'man' is 'the most deadly predator', I am fearing that likewise, man in the end will be the 'deadliest disease vector' as well, a la 'the 'TSA Dirty-Glove Syndrome'.
     When we consider the natural and bioengineered microbial variants being discovered every day, we wonder how, with the status quo, we are to be safe in this 21st century.
For You In Christ,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Friday, November 26, 2010

"SoldierSanta Packing Party-Stamford, CT Sat Dec.4 9AM-1PM" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

SoldierSanta - Support Your Troops
SoldierSanta Packing Party - Come Help Us Pack!

SoldierSanta Packing Party
Marine Corps League's Toys for Tots Distribution Center

633 Hope Street, Stamford CT.
(Between Splash Car Wash and Torrington Supply Company)
Saturday, December 4th

9:00AM until 1:00PM

Come help us pack some simple gifts to show our troops we're thinking of them this Holiday Season

For questions please call Chris Meek at

203-832-2005 or email info@soldiersanta.com

From Rev. Barb:
Please join me today with this fine cause.
Thank you and God Bless You & God Bless America
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"A Christmas Plea From Sgt Major Luke Converse--USMC Battalion Sergeant Major for the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Afghanistan" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Sgt Major Luke Converse
2d LAR Bn. Det A
UNIT 73526
FPO AP AE 09510-3526

Sgt Major Luke Converse Intro

Hello, this is Sgt Major Luke Converse. I am the Battalion Sergeant Major for the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, currently deployed to Afghanistan. The Marines are doing some tremendous work over here. They are living rough, basically out of their LAV’s for the most part and are taking the fight to the Taliban. I have been in the Corps for 24 years and still marvel at Marines in combat. They are definitely living up to their legacy.

The Marines are in need of a lot of basic toiletry items. We are at the end of the line logistically, so they start to run out of things like soap, razors, socks are worth their weight in gold- simple cotton tube socks- (over the calf type) The Marines are on the go, it is incredibly hot and they packed lots of socks, but we have trouble with water to wash them, and then we seldom slow down… Baby wipes are also a hot commodity- we never have enough of them. Because we are geographically remote… we don’t have access to a PX where they can purchase these items on their own.

I greatly appreciate anything you can do for the Marines. I have 400 from my bn and another 150 in attachments- anything you can send to me will be given to the Marines via their company 1st sgts…

This is my mailing address:

Sgt Major Luke Converse
2d LAR Bn, Det A
UNIT 73526
FPO AP AE 09510-3526

From Rev. Barb:
Dear Ones:
     Here are two useful LINKS for you so you can get involved:
Soldier Santa Stamford Packing Party
     Won't you take a few moments to help our United States Marines?  When trouble is at hand, we DEPEND upon the USMC...anytime and everywhere.
     Please support these warriors who protect and sacrifice for all of us. 
     Sgt Major Converse's requests are for the simple things we 'at home' often take for granted.
     Do join me and step up and donate and volunteer today for this fine cause.  Truly, every bit helps.
Thank you, and--
May God Bless the work of your hearts and hands
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"TSA Bumper 'Snickers' For You" By Reverend Barbara Sexton-- Dear Ones HealingMinistry

From e-mail:
Dear Readers:
     Sorry, I know some of these may be 'close to the line', but considering the subject matter, maybe not.  In any case, I hope you can at least have a little 'chuckle' at some of them. 
     THANKS UNCLE CHARLIE for sending these along!
     But seriously, the new TSA 'regulations' are no picnic for TSA Officers, any more than they are for (we) hapless travelers.  I say this not only as someone involved with the MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) LINK: http://www.medicalreservecorps.gov/HomePage , but as a PASTOR and BIOCHEMIST who is a fellow traveler, as well.
     And so I say, let us remember that TSA Officers are 'as much at risk'-if not more so-than the customers they must 'frisk'! 
     If you think about it, those in charge of our 'security' are also as subject to the communicable diseases (not to mention the words and actions of angry persons) as we are. 
     I cannot help but think that this must be so very stressful for those who work to keep us safe and I have written about this before, recently.  LINK: http://dearoneshealingministry.blogspot.com/2010/11/biochemist-concerned-tsa-pat-downs-will.html
     Let us pray that we can ALL contribute to and formulate a reasonable solution, before things get even MORE out-of-hand.  
     I would urge the federal government to 'get real' about WHO the likely culprits may be when it comes to airline security.  I would urge our leaders to 'opt out of' POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and 'opt in' for decent treatment of United States Citizens. 
     It is possible for Homeland Security and the TSA to continue their vigilance on our behalf regarding those who would appear to have the potential to DO HARM to airline passengers WITHOUT infringing TOO MUCH on the rights of American travelers.
     I understand, as I'm sure you do, the need to investigate atypical, anomalous persons, items and events.  Five years ago,I traveled to Florida with an old, beat-up, 'popped open and taped' laptop and was 'called aside'.  No surprise there. 
     I was asked to 'open the computer up'.  Truth to tell, I was more embarrassed about the state of my device than I was about being 'singled out' in line.
     Not only was my computer swabbed, but coincidentally a wrist splint I was wearing was ALSO liberally swabbed by some very competent & polite TSA people.  We all 'survived' the day.
     Yes, I understood, explosives can indeed be secreted in casted limb material.  I just hadn't thought of it at that time.    
     I passed their scrutiny and all was done with good 'humor' and I learned to remove any 'prostheses' and orthopedic devices well BEFORE reaching my airport 'screener".
     But now we are in a 'New Age' and we wonder if we can get BACK to such 'easy travel for all citizens of the U.S.A'.  For what it's worth, I believe we can.    
     I think we can overcome our divisions and come together, get our act together and find a way to DO THINGS RIGHT!
     Please pray with me on this, whatever your 'religious persuasion' and even if you are an 'atheist', 'agnostic', 'pagan'...or none of the above.
     I believe in my heart that we can get past this.
May God Grant You ALL'Traveling Mercies' this Thanksgiving & Holiday Season & Beyond!
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"Wherever You Are In The World: HAPPY THANKSGIVING--MAY GOD ABUNDANTLY BLESS YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES" From Reverend Barbara Sexton

Myspace Fairies Gothic Angels Mermaids


Dear Ones:
     You are in my prayers, today and every day. 
May The Lord Bless & Keep You!
With Love in Christ-
Reverend Barb

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Rangel Finally Apologizes, But What Will 'Apologist' Janus Adams Do?" By Reverend Barbara Sexton Dear Ones Healing Ministry

     Once in a while, though not very often, we are 'gifted' with a public apology from a 'public official'.  Such is the case in a recent Washington Post article, detailing this very painful episode in the life of a certain Congressman, Charlie Rangel LINK: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2010/11/rangel-apologizes-to-supporter.html
     The actual 'apology letter' can be found here: LINK: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2010/11/rangel-apologizes-to-supporter.html
     It's a nice enough apology, a little late, and one can only imagine how heartfelt it may be.  One prays that 'it' is not just a public cover for the private regret of 'getting caught'. 
     Maybe we should just take it at face value and leave it at that.  We can choose to give Rangel 'the benefit of the doubt' if we want to.
     Certainly, the rule-of-the-law will be applied, upheld and enforced.  Certainly Mr. Rangel will seek to 'reinforce' his apology with timely 'good deeds' and gestures of 'good will' and will encourage his supporter cohorts to do likewise. 
     Yes, it is infuriating to be subject to the politics of corruption.  We taxpayers bristle at gross financial abuses just when the economy is so bad for most of us...But there is good to be had here, too.
     Mr. Rangel in a 'one-man political show' has validated, once and for all, just how necessary the TEA PARTY is at this time in American history.  And for that we owe Mr. Rangel a debt of gratitude.
     We will survive things are they are today with all the political corruption and misuse/mismanagement of taxpayer money.  We'll investigate and act and we will be the better for it as a country in the end.    
     Therefore, in truth I would urge us all to simply accept Charlie's apology as it stands.  He knows he's under scrutiny, censure and his finances will be checked and checked again, as will those of all of his associates.
     What more can we want from him?  Nothing at all except truthful testimony as things progress. 
     For a guy who couldn't cough up a million dollars recently for his lawyers' fees, it is unlikely that he will be able to actually reimburse his constituents.  But there is something he can do for us that doesn't directly involve money.
      He can 'call to task' those who have 'defended him' with 'purposeful deceit'. Mr. Rangel can tell them to 'cease and desist' and that would mean a lot to many people.
      He could start, for instance, with columnist Janus Adams, who, in her frantic defense of Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters and others, chose the path of racial and ethnic divisiveness over clear discussion and fact-finding.
     In a word, Adams seemed to have 'tweaked'.
     There are those who have suggested that Ms. Adams played 'the race card', but let me be clear: Ms. Adams played the ENTIRE DECK this go-round with Rangel and Waters. 
     Overtaken by her 'zeal' to see Rangel, Waters and others 'vindicated' (or at least 'left alone), Janus finally had the 'big one' and did it publicly, no less. LINK: http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/local/article/Adams-Rangel-s-woes-echo-unwelcome-history-820718.php
     Perhaps Janus will become 'enlightened' in view of Charlie Rangel's obvious confession and apology. Maybe she can admit she made a 'mistake' with her recent column.
     There's hope.
     Janus can henceforth distance herself from the 'self-demeaning archaic racial ploys of old' and promise never to use them again.
     Maybe she will realize that she denigrates and 'speaks down to' those who consider themselves her 'fans' when she reduces 'political, financial and ethical corruption' to nothing more than a matter of skin color. 
     This is so very hurtful and unfair to others, especially to the children and grandchildren Janus might 'counsel'.
     ALL children and grandchildren deserve to be relieved of racial falsehoods and derision and arguments of same promulgated by an obviously inflamed Ms. Adams.  Where is her 'inner censor'?
     Perhaps Mr. Rangel will bring some understanding to Ms. Adams.  He can point out that he APOLOGIZED.  He can impress upon her the benefits of moving into a 21st century racial paradigm.
     I understand that Ms. Adams' rage and indignation at 'the Charlie Rangel situation' is compounded by recent reports about Maxine Waters as well.  LINK: http://nation.foxnews.com/maxine-waters/2010/11/22/hot-air-bombshell-evidence-may-make-waters-ethics-nightmare-dems 
     But this in no way--none of this--allows anyone, let alone Janus Adams, to lodge false charges of 'racism' where they simply do not exist.
courtesy www.GospelGifs.com  Jim Sutton
God Bless you and God Bless America
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Biochemist Concerned TSA 'Pat-Downs' Will Lead To Spread of MRSA, Scabies & Worse" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Dear Ones:
     With Thanksgiving 'Week' already here, it might be a good time to 'read and review' TSA scanning and personal search techniques in use in American airports today.  Here is the 'Pat-Down' link for you: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/pat_downs.shtm 
     A thorough read here reveals NO MENTION OF any 'changing of gloves between searches', a fact which is very disturbing.  Doesn't the TSA realize that MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and easy to transmit?
     Here is what the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC, has to say about 'MRSA Spread': "MRSA infections, as with all staph, are usually spread by having contact with someone’s skin infection or personal items they have used, like towels, bandages, or razors that touched their infected skin. These infections are most likely to be spread in places where people are in close contact with others—for instance, schools and locker rooms where athletes might share razors or towels."
LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/mrsa/causes/index.html 
     Modesty, pervert, pedophile and dignity concerns aside...here is my PARTIAL list of health concerns for the modern airline traveler today:
     1)  Gloves are not changed between 'pat-down' and body examsFIX:  DEMAND that the TSA worker change into new gloves for you.  In an ideal case, they would also be required to vigorously wash their hands (and arms) before re-gloving as is done in medical settings and wear face masks when they are contagious.
     2)  The following is a partial list of infectious agents which can be spread from person-to-person on dirty hands/arms, gloves, security wands, chairs, tables and floors.  There is risk not only to the person being examined, but to the TSA Officer, as well.  In addition, careless manipulation of diseased or infected areas can spread and exacerbate any existing infection.  How ironic in this 'day and age' of repetitive hand-sanitizing with 'gels' of all sorts, our Federal Government has chosen to turn our airports into fulminating 'Petri Dishes' capable of transmitting all sorts of pathogens.
    Here are the infectious conditions that concern me the most for now:
   --MRSA, as discussed above.
   --Tinea corporis ('ringworm'-fungal infection of the body, NOT a 'worm') including: Tinea capitis (fungal infection of the head),Tinea cruris (jock itch) and Tinea pedis (athlete's foot)  The most obvious source of infection is the 'floor' where people must stand in (perhaps damp) stocking feet or barefooted.  Ringworm may occur anywhere on the body and one form of Tinea can be spread to a place where it ordinarily does not occur, especially in the unsanitary conditions found in airport screening areas.Here's the National Institute of Health LINK for you:
    --Other skin diseases to be aware of during your 'airport search' :
LINK: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2010/chapter-4/skin-and-soft-tissue-infections-in-returned-travelers.aspx
   --Varicella (chickenpox) In-Short-"Spread by coughing and sneezing (highly contagious), by direct contact, and by aerosolization of virus from skin lesions."
LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/varicella/in-short-adult.htm And YES, you CAN get chickenpox more than once!  Consult your health care provider on this one.

     Will 'care be taken' with those who have Herpes zoster (shingles) infections? Running hands over 'herpes zoster-infected' skin not only PICKS UP viral particles, but is bound to be EXTREMELY PAINFUL for the poor person being examined.
   --Diseases spread by feces and/or water: Any 'swiping down below the waistband' with anything or any hand, gloved or not is subject to becoming contaminated with fecal pathogens.  Diseases of concern include: cholera and typhoid fever.
     "Salmonella Typhi lives only in humans. Persons with typhoid fever carry the bacteria in their bloodstream and intestinal tract. In addition, a small number of persons, called carriers, recover from typhoid fever but continue to carry the bacteria. Both ill persons and carriers shed Salmonella Typhi in their feces (stool)."
LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/nczved/divisions/dfbmd/diseases/typhoid_fever/
     The bottom-line:  contamination with feces on gloves is a potential problem whenever 'hands have the potential to go to mouth'.  This is of special concern with children and the elderly.  And it goes for all the E. coli pathogens, as well.
     Then there's:
   --Trachoma: Primary: person-to-person transmission by ocular and respiratory secretions. Secondary: insect vectors such as house flies. A rub-of-the-eye, a cough, sneezing, drooling and 'unchanged dirty TSA Officer gloves' will spread this parasite.  You might recall that it was a major problem with Ellis Island immigrants.
   --Ascariasis video:
   --Ascariasis: "an infection of the small intestine caused by Ascaris lumbricoides, a large roundworm. The eggs of the worm are found in soil contaminated by human faeces or in uncooked food contaminated by soil containing eggs of the worm. A person becomes infected after accidentally swallowing the eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae within the person's intestine. The larvae penetrate the intestine wall and reach the lungs through the blood stream. They eventually get back to the throat and are swallowed. In the intestines, the larvae develop into adult worms. The female adult worm which can grow to over 30cm in length, lays eggs that are then passed into the faeces. If soil is polluted with human or animal faeces containing eggs the cycle begins again. Eggs develop in the soil and become infective after 2-3 weeks, but can remain infective for several months or years."
LINK: http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/diseases/ascariasis/en/
     Here's a hypothetical situation for you 'international travelers':
     The 'guy in front of you' has 'eggs on his shoe soles.  He is asked to remove his shoes and puts his bare sweaty feet where his egg-laden shoes were.  He's 'wanded' and then has a 'pat down' which includes his feet because he wears multiple 'corn pads or some other orthopedic device.  The TSA Officers gets 'eggs' on his gloves, doesn't change them and then goes onto his next 'pat down' which includes handling this next traveler's handkerchief.  The handkerchief 'goes to the traveler's mouth' at some point later that day, he swallows some 'eggs' and voila, our hapless traveler now has roundworms.
     Sounds implausible?  Don't bet on it for this and any number of other parasitic diseases.  You just better hope and pray the person in front of you with bare feet doesn't have secondary or tertiary syphilis!
     Yes!  That's what I said.  My next area of concern is:
   --Sexually transmitted disease (STD's): Easily transferred from moist surface to moist surface, such as body-to-glove and back again and in some cases from simple skin-to-skin contact (LGV). STD's which traditionally occur in 'one area', can also inadvertently be spread to other areas, such as the eyes and the mouth under the unsanitary conditions found in airport screening areas. Incontinence pads, catheters and sanitary napkins can be a rich source of pathogens, which when even cursorily 'brushed by a TSA' glove can become a virtual 'disease swab' for the next hapless traveler to be touched by those unchanged gloves.

     Included here are syphilis, gonorrhea, Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV) LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/std/lgv/STDFact-LGV.htm#Howget , Chancroid, Pubic Lice, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Trichomoniasis (yes, a 'swipe down the pants' can result in a handful of this on the TSA Officer's glove)...all depending upon the 'hygiene' of the traveller as well as that of the TSA Officer.
Warts due to HPV:
Warts due to 'HPV'      Here's a general STD link for you: http://www.cdc.gov/std/default.htm 
   --Herpes infections: Genital Herpes herpes simplex viruses type 1 (HSV-1) or type 2 (HSV-2). Most genital herpes is caused by HSV-2 and occurs on the genitals and rectum.  Per our friends at the CDC, "Transmission can occur from an infected partner who does not have a visible sore and may not know that he or she is infected." 
LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/STDFact-Herpes.htm 
     How does that make you feel?  Sure a person with HSV-1 (with 'oral Herpes' also known as a cold sore) will stand out to the observant TSA Officer.  But will that Officer change gloves?  Will that TSA Officer 'take care' with open Herpes sores and the clothing, gloves, etc that they may touch during removal and examination?
   --What kind of gloves does the TSA use?  Let's say they're 'polynitrile' (which they appear to be from photographs and would be a likely choice since they need to be both chemical and solvent-proof).  If LATEX is used, some people are tragically ALLERGIC to LATEX and anaphylactic shock can ensue with improper manipulation of body parts in these allergic individuals.
     A 'swipe of the mouth'...or any other body cavity, for that matter, can mean DEATH due to breaching of the mucosal barrier in latex-sensitive individuals. 
     Is this taken into account?
   --Pertussis ('Whooping Cough')--a very contagious disease only found in humans and is spread from person to person. People with pertussis usually spread the disease by coughing or sneezing while in close contact with others, who then breathe in the pertussis bacteria. LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/pertussis/about/causes-transmission.html
     Pertussis USED to be under control, but infection rates have risen globally and also in the United States as some parents have become lax with vaccinating their children despite recommendations to do so.
     Airports with world travelers are a 'contagion gateway' for this disease with all this 'up close and personal' scanning and body examinations.  What a wonderful breeding ground for disease our airports have become.  Consider these:
   --Common cold, influenza, 'bird flu', 'swine flu', viral pneumonia--all of these viruses are easily transmitted.  If there is another 'flu pandemic', current TSA regulations will virtually guarantee global contamination for travelers everywhere.  Changing gloves...or even washing hands plus changing gloves is insufficient to protect one traveler from another or to protect the traveler and TSA Officer from each other if and when one is infected with a bad case of 'the flu'.
     And we must consider:
   --Bacterial pneumonia and Tuberculosis: the transmission risks are obvious to all of us.
Head Lice (& abscess)
     Then there are my old friends found in homeless shelters and soup kitchens and the various mental health and other facilities I have worked in:
    --Scabies,head lice (as well as pubic lice, above), mites, fleas (yes-fleas will infest HUMANS when no other warm-blooded critters are available!).  And just think of the burgeoning BED BUG PROBLEM we are having with all these insect 'hitch-hickers' hitching a ride on imported goods, furniture and clothing!  Watch out for those chairs in airports until the regular 'fumigating' programs kick in.
     (And then I will write a piece on the connection between pesticide overuse and human cancer rates....but that's a different story, for now.)
     And so you have the best of my advice for you.  Please note that one of the disease categories that I HAVE NOT included above in the list of easily-transmitted human diseases is HIV infection.  This virus requires direct body-fluid-to-blood contact which is unlikely to occur in the typical TSA screening scenario today, unless internal exams become mandatory.
     There's no way, no how that HIV is 'casually' or even 'easily caught' by being exposed to urine, feces, specks of blood, copious tears or saliva spat upon the face, otherwise I would have been dead long ago.
     I also have not included hyper-contagious/dramatic pathogens such as the Ebola, Marburg and Lassa viruses for the simple reason that typically the 'host' does not 'live long enough' to create any substantial 'chains of infection' in the public in an airport setting. LINK: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/spb/mnpages/dispages/vhf.htm 
     So there you have it and what I've listed here is in no way comprehensive.  We tell our children NOT TO share combs, hairbrushes, toothbrushes and so forth with others.  Yet we subject them to 'this'. 
     We allow them and ourselves to either be exposed to unwarranted irradiation and/or to be subjected to a 'pat-down' by someone with dirty gloves and perhaps capable of transmitting some disease to us.
     And equally disturbing is the possibility of our INFECTING OTHERS because our 'intrusive TSA' Officer examiner did not bother to or did not KNOW any better than to change his or her gloves.
     We cover our coughs with our 'arm sleeve' or hand.  Then the nice TSA lady pats that sleeve, thus getting a good gloveful of whatever we may or may not be carrying.  Now SHE is at risk for illness just by discharging her duties and she puts others at risk.
     No thanks. 
     It just doesn't seem right, does it?
God Bless You and your loved ones this Thanksgiving week
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"


God's Got You Covered

A true challenge for Christian Believers: To 'love' those who 'hate us', but to be WISE about it!

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