Monday, February 28, 2011

"Wisconsin Protesters Disrespect Veteran's Memorial" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Dear Ones:
     No surprise here.
     Law Professor Ann Althouse and Meade videotape some very 'thoughtless' young people who end up being very uncomfortable, as well they should be.
     You can read Althouse's commentary here:
     Meade and Althouse have done a very good job of capturing 'the essence' of the 'mind-set' of the Progressive Lib Dem young protesters using the Wisconsin Capital's Veterans Memorial as a 'sleeping bag rack/noteboard/sign-post/trash base'.
     Althouse and Meade did a follow-up two days later on Feb. 27, 2011:
     Here is the link to the Althouse Blog:
      In it you can see that even the police look 'conflicted and uncomfortable' about the disrespect being shown for the Veterans Memorial...not that it looks like they have done anything about it.
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Upcoming MARCH 2011 TEA PARTY PATRIOT Meetings-Greenwich-Stamford" By Reverend Barbara Sexton 'Dear Ones Healing Ministry'

Gadsden Flag
Monday, March 1st

Meeting wil be held at:
Greenwich Town Hall.
6:30 -10pm
101 Fieldpoint Road
Greenwich CT
6:30-7:00PM General meeting
7:00-10:00PM Loren Spivak, the Free Market Warrior is back for another open discussion of free market principles. A roadmap to return the US to its exceptional journey will be presented.
Monday, March 7
SBC Restaurant and Brewery
131 Summer Street
7:00-9:00 PM
Roundtable discussion of the FDR project. Frederick Douglas Republicans role in expanding the Constitutional conservative movement in CT will be the topic for the evening.
Plan on attending at least one, if not all of the town hall meetings coming up. It is very important that we, the people make it know loud and clear that CT is headed in a very wrong direction with Governor Dan Malloy's solution to our state legislature's spending problem!
March 22, 7-8 PM
Government Center
4th Floor Cafeteria
888 Washington Boulevard
March 28, 7-8 PM
Town Hall Meeting Room
101 Field Point Road
April 4
Time & Location TBD
From the land of the free because of the brave,
Monique Thomas 
Greenwich-Stamford Tea Party Patriots  
Mobilizing in support of meaningful economic reform that supports entrepreneurship, promotes individual responsibility, respects Constitutional integrity, and depends on American ingenuity over expansive governmental growth and spending.
Posted By:
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"
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"My Neighbor's Faith- FCC Stamford 'Son' John Thomas Just Another Swaggart, Bakker,Long" By Reverend Barbara Sexton 'Dear Ones Healing Ministry'

ABOVE: Rev. John Thomas defending Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Otis Moss
Dear Ones:
     There is a sorry story unfolding 'behind the scenes and under the wire' involving John Thomas, past President of the UCC, the United Church of Christ.
     You can get all the sordid details you like here:
"United Church of Christ suspends ministry of former national president"
     Thomas is a 'son' of the First Congregational Church of Stamford (FCC Stamford)....One of it's 'shining star's' in the world of Progressive liberal clergy, and an influential one at that up until very recently.
     Some 'background' on his growing scandal:
"Former United Church of Christ President Chooses Adulterous Relationship, Divorce; Creates Crisis"
     Here's a 'reluctant' UCC LINK:
UCC Forced To Confront John Thomas Issues Due To Finances
     And, more recently, a LINK dated Feb 3, 2011:
Why John Thomas if thinking Christians, anti-Christians, atheists and agnostics can't figure it out for themselves:

     John's mother Margaret Thomas was a beloved life-long member of FCC Stamford (also known as 'The First Congregational Church of Stamford') long-remembered for her stalwart faithfulness to our church and it's members, as well as for her 'forward-looking' personal theology embraced by the UCC-at-large.

Rev. Lydia Velika-'the other woman and frequent flyer with Rev. John Thomas'...on whose buck?
     Margaret was ever-proud of the influence her son John had for decades on not only our local church, but internationally, as well...heady influence, indeed.
     This is not to say that all of us at FCC Stamford agreed with her and her son's convictions, for we did not.  Nevertheless, we kept tithing in good and with good faith.
     A handful of us would have no part of violation of our second amendment (gun) rights, Black Liberation Theology, politicking in the Sanctuary during Worship Services, blanket right to abortion at all stages, including late-term abortion, comprehensive 'blessing' and 'performance' of same-sex marriages in church Sanctuaries, and--a real sticking point for me: the severe anti-Israel, anti-Semitic sentiment of John Thomas and the UCC-at-large.
LINK: Barack Obama and the UCC:
     The few of us balked and still do at various UCC 'resolutions' and 'statements' and refused to 'sign onto' a number of them.  But none of that matters anymore, for the precepts above are now fully ingrained into the UCC and FCC in Connecticut and the rest of the country.  
     What does matter, though, is the IMPACT the Thomas church and theology currently has on the citizens here in Southwestern CT and specifically in Stamford!
     Today's FCC Stamford's 'relatively new' pastor Rev. Cari Jackson feeds the flames of the Progressive Lib church culture in the church that John Thomas hails from. 
     Jackson furthers what Thomas planted and fomented over the decades of his life here in Southwestern Connecticut.    
     And this same church has increasing involvement with The Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut and The Rev. Kate Heichler, Rabbi Josh Hammerman and others who 'speak for and represent' the 'faith community'.
LINK: and
     Now the 'John Thomas tradition' permeates Stamford's Mayor Pavia's new 'Multicultural Council', as well, which I find to be 'kind of strange' for a so-called 'Republican', Pavia:
LINK: --Mayor Pavia's Multicultural Council of Stamford:
     As a TEA PARTY PATRIOT in Progressive Lib Connecticut, I wonder if anyone is looking out for TAXPAYER MONEY with Mayor Pavia's newly-established 'Multicultural Council'?
     Have all the 'religious parties involved' with this new council been properly 'vetted'?
     I've written before about my concern's for pro-Muslim sentiment generated in Southwestern Connecticut. 
     And with this piece, I am taking us all 'out of our comfort zones' to address a very real example of the foolishness of mixing 'politics and religion'.
     It will be interesting to see if the 'John Thomas Scandal' so in the tradition of Swaggart, Bakker, Long and company ultimately impels the probably well-intentioned-though-perpetually-misguided Interfaith Council of SW CT to 'straighten up and fly right'.
     Money talks when all good persuasions cannot.  It is not the root of all evil, but the love of money most certainly is.
     Let that 'love' be looked into on behalf of TAXPAYERS all over the United States, especially when it comes to 'religious types' preaching 'politics from the pulpit'.
     It's the right thing to do and will lessen the possibility that good people will be taken advantage of by those like John Thomas and the ones over whom his vast influence extends.
     Not even Thomas's blog makes mention of his years-long shenanigans and recent downfall:
     Therefore, I urge all people of good faith to steward themselves, lest they try to proffer forth anything that will mislead the easily-mislead public.
      "For shame", to those who do otherwise.
     When John Thomas got arrested in October 2007 for attempting to storm the White House with a stack of sexual-libertine doctrine, "Thomas reminded the crowd of martyred theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who said, "The church has been a silent partner in evil deeds...We are breaking that silence today".
     All I have to say is 'he-Thomas-would know'...and yes I am.
     I thank God that Margaret was 'spared witness' of the downfall of her son, but truly he has fooled us all.
May God Bless Us & Show Us His Mercy
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Harry Reid Says 'NO' To Nevada Prostitution & Inflames Dennis Hof Bunny Ranch Brothel Owner" By Reverend Barbara Sexton 'Dear Ones Healing Ministry'

"Harry Reid will have to pry the cat house keys from my cold dead hands," Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel

Mary Magdalene--"No, she probably wasn't", says Rev. Barbara Sexton

Senator Harry Reid--"But he sure has been!", says Rev. Barbara Sexton

Harry Reid: ‘The time has come for us to outlaw prostitution’

By Anjeanette Damon, David McGrath Schwartz, Cy Ryan

Published Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011
CARSON CITY — Sen. Harry Reid on Tuesday called for “an adult conversation” about prostitution in Nevada, saying it is an impediment to economic development because it discourages businesses from moving here.
“Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment – not as the last place where prostitution is still legal,” he said in a speech to the Nevada Legislature......"

"......Dennis Hof, a flamboyant brothel owner, arrived at the Legislature about 90 minutes before Reid was scheduled to speak. Hof was accompanied by eight working girls from his brothel outside Carson City."
"Harry Reid will have to pry the cat house keys from my cold dead hands," he told the media.

Dear Readers:
     Make no mistake about it, prostitution has always been with us and is likely 'here to stay'.
     In fact, the Bible, itself, is rift with mention of this profession in it's various incarnations:
--sometimes redemptively 'flattering' as in the story of God-fearing 'Rahab', the brave prostitute who hid and helped two Israelis spying in Jericho escape with their lives
--sometimes (rightly or wrongly, but in my opinion the latter...) as a 'repentant prostitute' in the tradition of Mary Magdalene
---and sometimes in the 'no-holds-barred' tradition of the metaphor of the 'Great Whore Of Babylon', who in collusion with 'the Antichrist' and the 'Beast' wrecks havoc on earth and humankind in their 'final days'.
     Of course, other prostitutes, concubines, sex slaves and all sorts of sexual activities are elaborated upon in Scripture (listen up you who think the Bible is all irrelevant and boring ramblings of stern old men!).
     In fact, Biblical stories of 'fallen women' are a very powerful reflection of the realities of life of times past, currently, as well as in the future.
     To write the 'Good Book' off as 'mere arcane and imaginary writings' (as I once did for the first 37 years of my life as a proud atheist/agnostic) is to do it a great injustice.  (Note: You OWE IT to yourself to read the Bible NOW, if you never have before!)
     But I digress....
     Back to the surprising 'stance' of the uber-liberal Harry Reid, I stand with those who simply cannot believe that 'Prince Harry', as Tea Party Patriots call him, is SO up-in-arms about the legal prostitution business in Nevada.
     It boggles the mind that Progressive Lib Dem Harry Reid is actually BLAMING Nevada's financial woes on the 'world's oldest profession'.
     Not only is it 'counter-intuitive', but it smacks of the kind of perverse 'self-righteousness' exhibited by those who consider themselves to be totally 'above the frey'.
     Is Prince Harry SQUAWKING too much because he has something to hide, like the fact that HE and his CRONIES are responsible for not only the pathetic financial state of Nevada, but of the entire U.S.A., itself?
     Is the 'gentleman (ahem) from Nevada' objecting just a little too much?
     I think so. 
     And I think that Harry Reid is barking up a storm over Nevada brothels not so much because he hails from a position of 'high moral import'...but because he craves to be in the spotlight, once again and he'll do whatever it takes to get back there.
     Don't get me wrong-engaging in prostitution has enough negative ramifications.
     Those who do it for a living must face a myriad of consequences and life-impacts that are more often bad than good.
     Prostitution, gambling, booze, drugs, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and various forms of 'abuse' are always potential cohabitants in the lives of the Bunny Ranch babes and their sisters.
     Family and friends are affected, not to mention 'significant others', if there are any.
     But, at least in Nevada some level of legal regulation is applied to and oversees the prostitution industry, which is more than we can say about the dog-and-pony show we have been forcefully subjected to by Nancy Pelosi and the 'squawking' Prince Harry.
     I don't know what set Reed 'off' here, but I think he's off-base.
     Doesn't he realize that it was Mary Magdalene, that 'fallen-woman-wrongly-branded-as-a-prostitute' by eons of male chauvinist church leaders who first saw the 'empty tomb' and then the Risen Christ?
     Doesn't Harry realize that it was 'the women'--those branded 'sainted' and 'fallen' and those 'in-between' who stayed with Christ under the cross...prepared his body for burial...and then were the first to 'see' him again after resurrection?
     The lesson here is that the way of Jesus is one of understanding, forgiveness and 'rebirth'.
     I urge Prince Harry to 'revisit' these tenets in the religion he claims for himself which is Mormon, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
     And as one who has 'worked' with prostitutes with my street and church ministries for many moons, I speak from the soft places of my heart.
     I want to remind my sisters everywhere and whatever they do for a living, that they can, at any time, earnestly pray to 'our God of second chances and new beginnings'...
     And know we will all be heard.
May God Bless You
With Love in Christ
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Looking Unto Jesus, The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith" By Reverend Barbara Sexton 'Dear Ones Healing Ministry'

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"1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."                          Hebrews 12:1-2   (NKJV)
God Bless You-Believers and Seekers, alike
Reverend Barbara Sexton

"Please Pray With Me Right Now For CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND" By Reverend Barbara Sexton 'Dear Ones Healing Ministry'


Dear Ones All Over The World:
     I ask believers and non-believers alike to pray for the poor souls in NEW ZEALAND--in Christchurch, especially--who are suffering grief and loss at the hands of a devastating set of earthquakes.

Let us pray:

Dear God:

The world comes to you right now, with tearful prayers of supplication that you somehow relieve the grievous suffering of people in New Zealand.

We ask that you alleviate their misery and uncertainty.

We ask that you make your Presence profoundly known to those who are trapped, dead and dying...

And to those who lay buried and injured as they await rescue.

Lord God, have mercy on rescue crews, emergency personnel, triage workers, medical staff, disaster response volunteers, social workers and clergy being called to action in this great catastrophe.

Lord God, have compassion for those who suffer the loss of loved ones, cruelly torn from them, at this time--those 'found' and those many more not yet found.

Only you Father can provide us with what we need to withstand the horror present today in New Zealand in the aftermath of these earthquake events.

You alone know the 'purpose' of such devastation, as we depend upon only our faith to sustain us.

We look forward to the day when there is no more suffering and crying and we pray that that day comes soon, Lord.

And we pray these things in our individual traditions, as best we are able...

Which for Christians is in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"
Reverend Barbara Sexton

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


dark Death Angels dead

Dear Ones:
     We know that fair elections in Connecticut are DEAD.
     They died for good with the Bridgeport Ballot fiasco during the November 2010 elections and that's all there is to it.
     Yes, all who disagree with or 'are unlike' the Progressive Lib Dems in this Nutmeg State are targeted and labeled with whatever the 'name du jour' is for those different than themselves.
     In fact, if Progressive-Lib Dems in Connecticut had their way, they would shackle and literally silence all those who do not subscribe to their political and social agendas!
     Thank God that this is America and that is illegal!
     But I urge all of you who do not wish to have your freedom and rights 'stripped' one by one as you are taxed-to-death for causes and activities you cannot in good conscience support, to yet be of good cheer.
      Many businesses surely fled this bastion of 'business unfriendliness known as the state of Connecticut'.
     Who can blame them?
     And many individuals who are sick of the fiscal and moral 'abuse' of the Democrats have fled as well....with many more to follow in the near future, no doubt, and understandably at that.
     Who can afford to live in a state like free-spending CT, liberal or not?  So much for 'the Gold Coast', especially for those of us who 'take care of our own extended families and friends' without complaint?
     Who can afford to live in CT where one is literally PUNISHED for having financial success by those who at their core are hard-line socialists intent on 'spreading others wealth'?
      Still, there are those who will stay put and work to help CT, not that it will be easy.
      There are those of us who work hard, and save for our own retirements and health care WITHOUT HAVING OUR HANDS OUT IN A PERPETUAL FEELING OF ENTITLEMENT!
     Unfortunately, 'leaving' plays right into the hands of Progressive Lib Dems in CT who would 'sanitize' this state and 'purge it' of those who are not like themselves, i.e. Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party Patriots...even when it is the only rational, self-preserving course for a CT business or family.
     What good can come of that? 
     The 'way' for those who stay put is not and will not be an easy one.
     It will entail persisting amidst those who intend us harm, both directly and indirectly, as we await the 2012 national elections.
     But we can do it by the grace of God.
      If you are of strong heart, mind and spirit (if not of body, necessarily), perhaps you can join those of us in CT who are not on-board with the 'tax and spend' liberals who would strip decent citizens of what little money they have for their own purposes.
     I realize it takes a great deal of perseverence and strength to persist in CT these days knowing that we are headed to the bankruptcy and the unrest and unfairness seen in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere.
      Yes, it is distressing to know that ordinary people will be forced to support and subsidize those who believe they are ENTITLED to FREE PENSIONS and FREE HEALTH CARE and who won't carry their fair share of the burden at all.
     But do not let this be a stumbling block for you, for AMERICA IS NOT ABOUT THAT.
     And, PRAISE GOD, the tides are a-changing across the Nation.
     Just look at the support the Governor of Wisconsin is now receiving from 'the SILENT MAJORITY'.
     I would urge those of you who can afford to, to stay in CT, vote and work hard for CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN--not just for us, but for all.
     Let US be a 'VOCAL MINORITY' turned into a 'FAIR-MINDED MAJORITY'!
     There's a better way than that of the Progressive Lib Dems currently running the ship in CT. 
     I suggest that we vow to bide our time and pray to God for the wisdom and strength to persevere until 2012.
     Surely it will take time and effort and dealing with an even hand to get this state back under control and lead by those who believe in freedom and democracy where all votes count and all voices are respectfully heard.
     And we must NOT, under any circumstances, 'react in kind' to the Progressive Lib Dems who consider themselves our political adversaries.
     We must vow to treat THEM with the 'fairness, decency and consideration' they have been SO LACKING IN in their treatment of Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party Patriots in CT for a long time now.
God never forgets 'His own' and will bless those who hold to His Ways!
With Love in Christ
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Gadsden Flag


Monday, February 21, 2011

"Wisconsin Docs Writing Fake Notes Throw Their Medical Careers Under the Bus" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"After viewing the videos at my request last night, Dr. Arthur Derse called me up exclaiming, “Holy mackerel! It’s much worse than it looked in the paper. I’m stunned, absolutely stunned.” Dr. Derse is the Director of Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities a the Medical College of Wisconsin. “When all’s said and done, it’s really the profession of medicine that has the black eye in this case,” he says.

There is no question these doctors are masking political opinion in the white coat of the medical profession, Dr. Derse believes. “The videos are pretty damning.”

It’s sad, but what puzzles me most is how in the world three of the four physicians I can identify from these videos and other media reports are faculty members of UW’s Family Medicine department, and one is a senior resident in that same department. It’s a good training program, committed to providing sorely-needed primary care doctors to the state of Wisconsin. It teaches professionalism, and its faculty are supposed to model integrity. What were they thinking?

They’ve managed to belittle a public trust between physicians, employers and patients. A doctor’s sick note is a serious document. It represents an employer’s desire to verify through a respected, independent, medically qualified third party the fact of an illness and the true need for convalescence. In the videos now circulating online, we witness multiple members of a noted family medicine department trash one of the well-recognized rights and privileges of their profession, with little forethought as to the consequences."

I couldn't agree more with the sentiment expressed by Dr. Arthur Derse, above.
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"Thanks WISCONSIN PROTESTERS For HELPING TEA PARTY WIN IN 2012" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Dear Wisconsin Protesters & 'Doc's' Handing Out Fake Medical Notes:
     THANKS for revealing the true, Progressive Lib side of OBAMACARE....
     But, more importantly, for ASSURING A TEA PARTY WIN ACROSS THE BOARD in 2012.
Thank you, thank you.
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"Doctors In Wisconsin Handing Out Fake Notes Give A GREAT GIFT To The TEA PARTY" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"
Thank you, 'Docs' for handing out those fake 'medical excuse notes' to protesters in WISCONSIN.

You have given the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS a GREAT GIFT and have assured the outcome of the 2012 elections!

God Bless You,
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"Fake Doctor's Notes For Wisco Union Protestors & A Note To Doctors Everywhere " By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Dear  'Doctors' ('Wisconson-Type & Otherwise): 
     We'll keep these 'WISCONSIN CROOKS' in mind as we work to REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE.
     Where are the 'GOOD DOCTORS', anyway?  Do any of you 'GOOD DOCTORS' have a problem with these FAKE 'DOCTOR NOTES'??? 
     And are they REAL doctors or merely imposters playing 'games'?  I would think the AMA, etc would want to know!  I would think YOU'D want to know!
     You didn't 'SPEAK UP' when OBAMACARE was being debated, but stood by 'mute' while your fate was decided for you by others.
     Are you prepared for OBAMACARE, 'Comrade'?  I sure hope you are.  You'll have plenty of time to 'think about' it while you in Wisconsin 'tend to' the numerous cases of colds, flu, infections and the maladies you'll soon be treating.  
     All that 'cold stress' and all that 'huddling in close quarters'--your offices and clinics will be over-flowing with complainers who want free health care. 
      You doctors don't SPEAK UP NOW and thereby actually serve to MOCK your own selves.
     This is your choice, of course, but for the life of me I can't understand it.
      Perhaps God will help you, my dear 'physicians'....though, in are anything but, physicians in this Wisconsin situation, truth be known. 
     In my opinion you are DEFINITELY DOING so-called 'docs' and your 'fake notes' to employers.
     You are MERE POLITICAL OPERATIVES at this point in a POLITICAL GAME gambling with the very LIVES and WELL-BEING of the very people who have grown to 'depend upon you'.
     Still, I can't help but wonder why the 'TRADITIONAL MEDICAL COMMUNITY' does not have something to say at this point about the dog-and-pony show going on in Wisconsin with some of your 'own' and their so-called' 'medical notes'.
     You should be ashamed of yourselves and I and others are praying for you.
May God show you mercy
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"
Gadsden FLAG

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Arkansas Feb 17 Earthquake Cluster & An Expected G-3 Geomagnetic Storm: A Concise Analysis" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Dear Ones:
     Yes, there have been an inordinate number of recognizable and 'noticeable' earthquakes in Arkansas over the last 24 hours or so.
     Yesterday I wrote about a Geomagnetic Storm expected to be here Feb 17-19.  As I have described many times before, seismic activity is correlated to 'space weather'. 
     Simply put, the 'energy' in its various forms which is hitting the earth from the sun manifests here in the form of severe weather (severe storms) with the potential for tornadoes, lightning, thunder, flooding, tsunamis, volcanic activity, seismic activity and more.
     This collection of events is collectively known as 'Geomagnetic Storms', more or less, depending upon who is doing the 'defining'--a meterologist or an astrophysicist, that is.
     Still, it's actually all the same as far as we are concerned.
     Recently, the sun erupted with a rare 'X-Class' solar flare, with two attendant CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections).

     In terms of electrical phenomena, we see 'auroras' ('Northern Lights') at lower latitudes and can experience electrical, power grid and voltage fluctuations.
     Satellite functioning and transmission can be interrupted or terminated temporarily.
     Radio transmissions can be disrupted and the earth can be subjected to 'waves' of all sorts of ionizing radiation.
     Communication can be severely disrupted.
     In a 'nutshell', energy from a set of recent solar events, including the 'x-class flare' and CME's disturb the earth's magnetic field, resulting in affecting seismic activity to one degree or another.
     THIS is why Arkansas is acting up.
     You can read the technical 'stuff' here:
      Below is a map and 'list' of the 52 or so earthquakes Arkansas has experienced today and yesterday.

     You will note that while the magnitudes are relatively small, they are also relatively 'shallow'. 
     As a rule, 'the shallower the quake, the more it is felt at the surface', even with a lower-magnitude earthquake.
Update time = Thu Feb 17 22:27:12 UTC 2011

MAG UTC DATE-TIME y/m/d h:m:s LAT deg LON deg DEPTH km Region
km Region

MAP 2.7 2011/02/17 22:06:45 35.265 -92.365 6.0 ARKANSAS

MAP 5.8 2011/02/17 20:51:07 -14.228 166.366 34.4 VANUATU

MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 18:19:09 35.262 -92.357 5.2 ARKANSAS

MAP 3.3 2011/02/17 18:13:19 32.231 -115.309 3.6 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO

MAP 2.8 2011/02/17 14:58:14 35.267 -92.367 5.9 ARKANSAS

MAP 3.1 2011/02/17 11:32:50 62.737 -148.289 33.0 CENTRAL ALASKA

MAP 3.8 2011/02/17 10:49:49 35.276 -92.361 6.5 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 09:44:29 60.362 -152.307 34.0 SOUTHERN ALASKA

MAP 3.2 2011/02/17 06:19:01 19.365 -65.786 65.5 PUERTO RICO REGION

MAP 2.6 2011/02/17 06:02:44 35.263 -92.348 6.2 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.6 2011/02/17 04:09:40 35.267 -92.347 6.4 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 02:53:26 35.266 -92.361 6.4 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 02:44:16 35.269 -92.368 4.9 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.7 2011/02/17 02:28:36 61.782 -151.883 100.0 SOUTHERN ALASKA

MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 01:36:45 35.279 -92.352 6.1 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.6 2011/02/17 00:57:18 59.905 -152.977 100.0 SOUTHERN ALASKA

MAP 3.2 2011/02/17 00:55:42 18.244 -68.300 89.5 MONA PASSAGE, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

MAP 4.2 2011/02/17 00:04:44 -0.306 -78.476 12.0 ECUADOR


MAG UTC DATE-TIME y/m/d h:m:s LAT deg LON deg DEPTH km Region

MAP 5.6 2011/02/16 23:45:10 25.918 128.294 1.0 RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN

MAP 3.9 2011/02/16 23:41:24 17.828 -67.044 11.6 PUERTO RICO REGION

MAP 2.5 2011/02/16 23:05:54 35.262 -92.361 5.1 ARKANSAS

MAP 3.2 2011/02/16 22:29:59 17.834 -67.034 10.0 PUERTO RICO REGION

MAP 3.5 2011/02/16 21:46:17 35.270 -92.361 6.6 ARKANSAS

MAP 4.7 2011/02/16 21:34:20 -19.947 -177.615 377.8 FIJI REGION

MAP 3.2 2011/02/16 21:19:10 18.165 -68.064 88.8 MONA PASSAGE, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

MAP 3.6 2011/02/16 18:12:55 62.990 -149.689 81.6 CENTRAL ALASKA

MAP 2.9 2011/02/16 17:07:02 35.274 -92.374 5.9 ARKANSAS

MAP 4.5 2011/02/16 16:39:52 -2.497 121.673 42.1 SULAWESI, INDONESIA

MAP 5.0 2011/02/16 15:56:00 -20.177 -177.610 528.5 FIJI REGION

MAP 2.8 2011/02/16 15:52:36 35.278 -92.371 6.2 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.7 2011/02/16 14:39:08 35.276 -92.369 6.0 ARKANSAS

MAP 2.5 2011/02/16 13:43:28 60.105 -153.623 10.1 SOUTHERN ALASKA

MAP 2.6 2011/02/16 10:55:46 32.102 -115.240 5.9 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO

MAP 4.7 2011/02/16 10:55:27 10.588 91.780 23.9 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION

MAP 2.6 2011/02/16 10:53:14 35.275 -92.374 5.8 ARKANSAS
God Bless You
Reverend Barbara Sexton
"The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

"Triad Alcohol Swabs Implicated In Houston Toddler's Meningitis Death" By Reverend Barbara Sexton "The Biblical Biochemist-Where Science Meets the Cross"

Triad Alcohol Products-prep pads, swabs & swabsticks
Dear Ones:
     I've been praying something like this would not have to be written. 
     But there is a possibility that a Houston toddler died as a result of Triad alcohol prep products being used on his recent lumbar surgical incision area after cyst removal surgery.
     And it is, in fact, the tragic story of this youngster Harrison Kothari which may have been the case that triggered the Triad alcohol prep pad and swabstick RECALL I've been writing about here on this blog since January 20, 2011.
     Note: LINKS below are listed chronologically:
     Here are some additional follow-up articles:
     Below are the heart-wrenching details of the ordeal parents Sandra and Shanoop Kothari went through with their two year old son Harrison:-
Company recalls alcohol swabs after Houston toddler's meningitis death "by Leigh Frillici and Courtney Zubowski / 11 News 
Posted on February 14, 2011 at 6:17 PM
Updated Monday, Feb 14 at 10:46 PM
HOUSTON—Looking at the pictures of 2-year-old Harrison Kothari in his family’s home, you see a smiling, laughing child.
What you’d never know is the little boy had brain surgery a month earlier to remove a benign cyst.
"He was a happy, beautiful 2-year-old boy," said Sandra Kothari, Harrison’s mother. "He loved music, he loved playing with his 7-year-old sister."
Shortly after turning 2, Harrison died during his hospital stay at Children’s Memorial Hermann. At the time, he had a drain inserted in his spine to remove some fluid, and he was set to go home the next day.
"He had healed fabulously," said Shanoop Kothari, Harrison’s father. "He was going to get the drain removed the next day."
That night, the boy developed bacterial meningitis. He died hours later.
The Kotharis believe alcohol swabs made by TRIAD Group, Inc., were to blame. They say the swabs were used to clean their son’s drain. The Kotharis believe the swabs were contaminated with a nasty bacteria called bacillus cereus—more commonly known to cause food poisoning.
"In managing a lumbar drain, they use the swab on the portal," said Jim Perdue, the Kotharis attorney. "And so, it’s pushed in and pulled back out so there is literally an opportunity to have injected this bacillus cereus into the lumbar drain every time they used an alcohol swab."
Triad Group has voluntarily recalled all of its alcohol products. The company also makes alcohol pads and swabs for dozens of other stores, like CVS, Kroger, Safeway and Walgreens.
Perdue says the concerns aren’t just for patients like Harrison, but also for people who use Triad alcohol pads for injections.
They are suing the company."
"It’s a very resistant bacteria (bacillus cereus)," said Perdue. "The body is able to fight it off if you have a healthy person. But when you’re talking about injections for people with M.S. or diabetes and they’re literally using this at the injection site and then puncturing the skin, it can cause some really serious problems."
Houston endocrinologist Dr. Eric Orzeck said if there was in fact contamination, the very young that don’t have as strong as an immune system are particularly at risk.
"When it’s applied to the skin and there’s an open area in which you would use when you’re getting an IV, that can cause a very severe local infection," said Dr. Orzeck.
He says symptoms could develop within 24 hours of using it.  Those who haven’t seen symptoms past two days are probably OK, Orzeck said.
There are several symptoms the doctor says to keep in mind.
"It might be headaches or difficulty breathing, obviously infection at the site which would be apparent with redness and swelling," he said.
What concerns the Khotaris is that most people haven’t heard of the recall.
"People could have these in their homes, in their bathrooms right now," said Sandra Kothari.
And so as painful as it is to talk about their son, the Kotharis hope that people will remember their little boy and do a simple thing—check their medicine cabinets.
Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital released a statement in response to the tragic news.
"Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital is deeply saddened by the death of any child in our care," it read. "Memorial Hermann was notified of the product recall in January, one month after this child died. At that time, the product was removed from our shelves. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality care and patient safety at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital."
The manufacturer has not responded to an 11 News request for information, but its website states:
"This recall has been initiated due to concerns from a customer about potential contamination of the products with an objectionable organism that may or may not be related to Triad’s manufacture of these products. We are, out of an abundance of caution, recalling these lots and revalidating our production lines…"
     If you haven't already, you may want to sign up for my FREE NEWSLETTER and get the latest news 'explained' and sent right to your email box.  See details below.
     Please have a 'care and a prayer' for this poor grieving Kothari family as we continue to stay on top of the Triad alcohol product FDA Recall.
     And pray for those who manufacture Triad products and for those who manufacture products co-packaged with Triad brand alcohol products.
     It is a worst fear and a nightmare to know that one may be inadvertently, partly or even completely responsible for a tragedy such as the loss of little Harrison Kothari.
God Grant You His Blessings
Reverend Barbara Sexton
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